Top Layer Changes Name To Corero Network Security; Introduces New DDoS Defense Product

DDoS Defense System detects and blocks application-layer DDOS attacks

June 16, 2011

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Hudson, Mass.—June 15, 2011—Top Layer Security, a leading global provider of Network Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), today announced its DDoS Defense System (DDS), a new, industry-first product line created to detect and block application-layer Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) cyber-attacks. With its expanded strategic focus on delivering anti-DDoS solutions to a global customer base, the company also officially changed its name to Corero Network Security (“Corero”) following its recent acquisition by Corero plc. Corero’s DDS builds off of the company’s more than ten years of expertise in DDoS defense technology and attack mitigation solutions for enterprises, telecommunication service providers, and government organizations. Corero’s flagship fourth-generation network security platform features three-dimensional protection (3DP) against network-borne cyber threats, including botnet-based DDoS attacks. It also provides the platform for Corero to launch its dedicated DDoS defense product line -- the only data center solution for both network-layer and application-layer DDoS defense.

“Corero Network Security came on board to stop in its tracks a DDoS attack that hit our systems and bypassed the incumbent firewall technologies we had in place at the time,” said Bob Mason, CTO of the Journal Register Company, a leader in local news and information in ten states. “As a news organization catering to an audience of 19.5 million, reliability is our most valuable competitive asset. We needed a solution provider whose technology could handle existing and emerging threats -- including advanced types of malicious activity, like botnets and other malware, as well as DDoS attacks. With DDoS attacks becoming more prevalent and malicious, a solution like Corero provides is more critical than ever.”

Customers deploy the DDS unit in their network as an in-line network device. The system includes hardware and software components, as well as Corero’s remote support. A few quick configuration steps later, their servers are protected against the effects of DDoS attacks that might occur and their business avoids downtime and associated reputation losses. For example, a common application-layer DDoS attack is the repetitive HTTP GET attack that appears like normal “good” website traffic, utilizes real TCP connections, and until now has been almost impossible to distinguish from actual user traffic. Given the difficulty in even identifying these application-layer attacks, traditional DDoS solutions are ineffective at defending against them, leading to lost revenue and business disruption.

“The industry is in need of advanced technology like Corero’s to meet changing threats and minimize the risks and losses associated with these DDoS attacks, which now occur at the application layer,” said Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest. “Today’s application-layer DDoS attacks fly under the radar of conventional DDoS detection schemes and can exhaust local server resources without showing up on the bandwidth consumption screen. It’s becoming more common to see Denial of Service conditions that do not result from consumption of all available network bandwidth.”

“Through a combination of acquisition and organic development, it is our mission to form a leading network security technology business focused on delivering cutting edge software and hardware solutions and related support services to mid-market, enterprise, telecommunication service providers and government customers, through international channels,” said Marty Meyer, General Manager at Corero Network Security. “Corero’s new DDoS Defense System takes our core patented DDoS defense capabilities and creates a small-footprint, low power consumption, cost-effective solution that stops the disruptive force of application-layer DDoS attacks, in order to keep organizations’ critical applications and IT environments running smoothly.” Pricing and Availability Corero’s DDoS Defense will be available in the third quarter 2011. Companies wishing to deploy the solution should contact Corero at [email protected] or call +1-978-212-1500 for pricing and additional details.

About Corero Network Security Corero Network Security, formerly Top Layer Security, is a leading global provider of Network Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack defense solutions that enable enterprise organizations to protect their critical on-line assets against risks associated with network-borne cyber threats. Corero is headquartered in Massachusetts, U.S. with sales and services support worldwide.

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