Savant Launches Product

Savant Protection announces the launch of its enterprise security product Savant

NASHUA, N.H. -- Savant Protection, leading a new approach in preemptive malware spread mitigation and containment technology, today announces the launch of its enterprise security product Savant. Breaking with traditional approaches, Savant eliminates the spread of known and unknown computer malware without the overhead of inoculation downloads, time consuming scanning or exhaustive whitelist development. This second generation product introduces enhanced features and functions derived from over eighteen months of successful industry deployment.

"Savant is designed to dramatically lessen the occurrence of production impacting events in a business environment where CSOs have to deal with internal and external intrusion, release and zero day vulnerabilities as well as, the chaos of human error that can bring business operations to a complete halt," said Ken Steinberg, CEO of Savant Protection. "Based upon new cryptographic algorithms and malware mitigation techniques, our software solves the larger information assurance issue of business continuity while factoring in unknown attack methods and human error. The best defense is a preemptive defense, an advantage Savant inherently provides."

Savant Protection