Safensoft Launches In North America

Company offering its home user solutions, SafenSec Personal and SafenSec Deluxe, through North American retail outlets

November 10, 2009

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SAN JOSE, CALIF. — November 9, 2009 — SafenSoft, a multinational software development company with offices in California and Russia, today announced its entrance into the North American market with a breakthrough product that delivers new standards of protection against computer viruses, trojans, exploits and hackers. The company is now offering its home user solutions, SafenSec Personal and SafenSec Deluxe, through North American retail outlets, including Dell Computer and Tiger Direct. SafenSoft will introduce corporate and specialist unattended device security before the end of the year.

Drawing on extensive experience in the digital rights management arena as well as with more traditional security developers including Kaspersky Labs and McAfee, SafenSoft developed the SafenSec product line to address the drawbacks of signature-based anti-malware software, which identifies and blocks code patterns of "signatures" from known malicious programs. The company's goal is to free computer users from dependence on continuous signature updates and subscription programs.

"Clearly, with tens of thousands of new viruses arriving in security labs every day, reactive signature-based protection is no longer adequate," said Eric Ogren, founder of the Boston-based analyst and research firm The Ogren Group. "The idea of addressing security from the perspective of keeping PCs in a known-good state is an ideal complement to traditional attack signature approaches. SafenSoft's solution appears to be an efficient implementation designed to avoid damage from security incidents with minimal IT attention."

SafenSoft was founded in 2006 by Michael Kalinichenko, a former chief technology officer at Kaspersky Labs. "Anti-virus technology hasn't changed in 20 years but the threats have," said Kalinichenko. "If the mobile phone industry had innovated as slowly as anti-virus companies, we would still be carrying brick-sized analog phones. We created SafenSec to complement virus protection by blocking programs that do not play by the rules. SafenSec offers a simple, time-tested solution to keep new threats off your PC without false alarms, interruption or signature updates."

"Our patent-pending VIPO' (Valid Inside Permitted Operations) technology creates a protective shield around the computer's operating system that prevents unauthorized intrusion or manipulation by rogue applications," he added.

VIPO Technology Ensures PCs Maintain Last Known-Good State

VIPO protects applications, documents, personal information, photos, music, and system files against all types of threats without the need to identify individual malware samples. Instead, it learns how programs should behave on the user's PC and simply blocks those that don't follow the rules. VIPO's unique self-education mode provides customized protection by adjusting the software to work the way the user works, without slowing the system or interrupting the user with questions most users are ill-equipped to answer.

After several years of testing and fine-tuning the technology in the Russian marketplace, a challenging environment for most security solutions, Kalinichenko felt the software was ready to meet the exacting demands of the U.S. market. "The VIPO engine has undergone significant investment in engineering and field-testing in Russia, and we feel that the technology is now robust enough to meet the requirements of the North American marketplace," he notes. "We are delighted to have gained early traction through the distribution agreements for the consumer versions of the software with Dell Computer and Tiger Direct."

Victor Kouznetsov, a SafenSoft board member and 18-year veteran of McAfee, believes the company is well-positioned to provide North American consumers with a viable alternative to the traditional signature-based approach. "SafenSoft has proven the effectiveness of its technology in Russia, where it protects home PCs and corporate networks as well as other devices in several large financial institutions against both internal and external threats," said Kouznetsov. "I'm excited to be involved with the company because the technology provides effective protection against today's threats without trapping users in an endless cycle of updates and subscriptions."

Specifications, Pricing and Availability

SafenSec Personal 3.5 and SafenSec Deluxe 3.5 are available now through the SafenSoft website, through Dell Computer at and Tiger Direct, as well as other online download sites. SafenSec Deluxe includes anti-virus software and is recommended for computers that have already been in use and could have been at risk for malware. The anti-virus software ensures that computers are free of malware before establishing the known-good state. SafenSec Personal 3.5 does not include anti-virus software and is suitable for new computers that have not been exposed to malware.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price for SafenSec Personal 3.5 starts at $19.95 for a one-year, single-user subscription. Pricing for SafenSec Deluxe 3.5 starts at $24.95 for a one-year, single-user subscription. Multi-year and multi-user licenses are also available. No signature updates are required; subscriptions entitle users to product updates which ensure the core VIPO technology continues to be effective against the latest threats and attack vectors. SafenSoft offers 24x7 online technical support. Further information on SafenSec Personal and SafenSec Deluxe 3.5 can be found at

About SafenSoft

SafenSoft was founded in 2006 in Moscow by a team of computer security veterans. The company offers SafenSec computer protection software for individual users and corporations around the world. The company has more than 20 SafenSec distributors worldwide and is funded by Troika Dialog. The company's global sales and marketing office will be located in the Silicon Valley. Learn more about SafenSoft at

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