Sabre Releases BinDiff v2.0

Sabre Security announced the official release of graphical executable comparison tool

BOCHUM, Germany -- After a long wait, SABRE Security GmbH announced the official release of BinDiff v2.0, the new version of their industry-standard patch- and malware-analysis tool today. BinDiff v2.0 allows the easy visual comparison of IDA disassemblies, allowing speedy analysis of security updates and malware variants.

BinDiff v2.0 is significantly faster than previous versions and is now bundled with a easy-to-use symmetric UI which allows less experienced reverse engineers to analyse code quickly as well as boosting the productivity of more experienced analysts.

The speed improvements allow for the analysis of even the largest patches, giving users equipped with little more than a laptop and IDA the ability to deal with huge executables, such as router images.

"We're confident that we have significantly boosted the analyst's productivity

with our new product" said CEO Thomas Dullien, "and we expect to see quicker

results from binary comparison for the entire industry".

Sabre Security GmbH

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