Redspin Pioneers Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Assessment Service

New service uses multiple attack vectors and shared knowledge assessments

June 23, 2012

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CARPINTERIA, Calif., June 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Redspin, Inc., a leading provider of penetration testing and IT security assessments, today announced a new assessment service that helps Fortune 1000 companies and other high profile organizations reduce their vulnerability to advanced persistent threats (APTs).


APTs are generally defined as a group of sophisticated, determined and coordinated attackers (sponsored by foreign governments, organized crime, or "hacktivist" networks) that target specific entities with the goal of stealing intellectual property, classified intelligence, and other valuable information.

"Conventional IT security defenses are largely ineffective against APTs," said Daniel W. Berger, Redspin's President and CEO. "Our new assessment service mimics the APT targeting and exploitation cycle of the attackers, and then provides our clients with actionable recommendations for preventing initial intrusion and minimizing opportunities for privilege escalation."

Rather than a series of discrete scans and tests, Redspin's Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Assessment utilizes a multi-layered, shared knowledge based security approach, employing many different attack vectors over a period of time. The scope of the assessment includes:

Zero Packet Reconnaissance Social Engineering Assessment External Network Security Assessment Internal Penetration Test Internal Vulnerability Assessment Reports & Recommendations

The new assessment service is available from Redspin immediately and can be conducted over 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month testing intervals.

About Redspin, Inc.

For more than a decade, Redspin has delivered comprehensive IT security assessments, risk management and compliance solutions. The company's penetration testing services and security assessments help keep confidential information safe and critical systems secure. Through expert analysis, complete objectivity and business acumen, Redspin serves the healthcare industry, banking/financial services, retail, technology, energy, hospitality, and casinos.

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