Reconnex Adds Capabilities

Reconnex adds new capabilities for protecting intellectual property and private data before, during, and after exposure



  • Reconnex is introducing Reconnex 5.0 of its iGuard 3600 appliance,

    which can detect risk to corporate information at each stage of

    exposure: before exposure occurs, while it happens, and even after

    exposure has already taken place.

  • Defending against threats at each stage of risk exposure is

    challenging. An information protection system must be able to

    secure sensitive data at rest, before a threat becomes real; protect

    it during transmission, when the risk of abuse or misuse is highest;

    and help IT identify and address unforeseen threats after they


  • The protection of intellectual property (IP) is emerging as a market

    requirement; simply protecting private or confidential data is no

    longer sufficient.

  • While protecting fixed-format data such as Social Security and

    credit card numbers is straightforward, intellectual property (IP)

    such as source code, which is complex and does not have a fixed

    format, cannot be protected by simple techniques.

  • The value of protected information can be enormous; IP such as

    source code, legal documents, or drug formulations can be worth

    millions of dollars.

Reconnex Corp.

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