Norman Launches SandBox SDK

Antimalware software development kit protection includes viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits, and spyware

April 22, 2009

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Oslo, Norway. 21 April, 2009 -- Norman ASA announced today the release of Norman SandBox' Software Development Kit (SDK). This is a proactive antimalware SDK to deliver comprehensive protection for a wide range of malware including viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits and spyware.

For the first time Norman makes their award- winning and patented Norman SandBox' technology available to third party software developers as a Software Development Kit. This enables companies that previously have had focus on signature based detection of malware in their solution to add proactive capabilities to better protect their customers. The SDK enables companies to use the Norman SandBox' technology to not only increase the detection capabilities of their solution, but in many cases also give valuable information output of what the detected malware would have done to ones network and computers if allowed to run freely in the network.

"The SandBox SDK is extremely flexible and powerful in what it offers and will work perfectly in any security solution as the load introduced to the current solution can easily be managed to fit the overall load limits" says Arvid Gomez VP OEM and Technology. "We have long been asked by customers for this kind of solutions and we are happy to announce this possibility today. "

Norman has several of the world largest software and security companies using Norman's technology including Microsoft, F-Secure and eEye Digital Security. SandBox is also included in all antivirus and antispyware products from the company and is the cornerstone in the company's market leading product range of malware analyzers.

Norman SandBox' technology is a virtual environment where programs may perform in safe surroundings without interfering with the real processes, program files, and network environments that keep the business running. If a program performs actions that the SandBox regards as suspicious, the program is tagged as malicious. As a result, this technology is able to ensure complete protection against new, undiscovered or "day zero" threats. Embedded in this new SDK is Norman DNA Matching a new and innovative technology for proactive identification of viral profiles in programs.

For further information, please contact: Arvid Gomez, Vice President OEM and Technology, +47 41539790, [email protected] Audun Ldemel, Marketing Director, +47 934 465 31, [email protected]

About Norman Norman ASA, founded in Oslo Norway in 1984 is a world leader and pioneer in proactive content security solutions and forensics malware tools. Norman offers malware analyzers, network security and endpoint protection solutions to meet customer's security needs. Norman solutions are available through Norman subsidiaries and a network of partners around the world.

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