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New Worm Spawns More Than 8M Spam Messages

Fake news come-ons lead to infected porn site

A new worm is generating boatloads of spam traffic in an effort to lure users to an infected Website, researchers said yesterday.

According to a report issued yesterday by security firm MX Logic, the worm has already generated more than 8 million spam messages -- more than 85 percent of the worm traffic detected yesterday.

The spam messages, which use a variety of news-style come-ons such as "Obama withdraws from election" and "Paris Hilton found to be gay," lures readers to click on a Web link. That link takes them to a PornTube site, where the user is enticed to download an ActiveX malware component, MX Logic says.

The worm appears to be recruiting zombies for the Srizbi botnet, MX Logic says.

— Tim Wilson, Site Editor, Dark Reading