New Fidelis Cyber Decoders Provide Deeper Visibility Into Advanced Persistent Threats

Fidelis XPS' IP Tunnel and IPsec Decoders allow better visibility into tunneled traffic

September 29, 2011

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WALTHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fidelis Security Systems, the market leader in network visibility, analysis and control solutions, today announced two new cyber decoders as part of its award-winning Fidelis XPS™ network security solution. The decoders, IP Tunnel and IPsec, provide greater visibility into enterprise activity by identifying various types of IPv6 and IPsec tunneling activity across IPv4 networks. Fidelis XPS is the industry’s only network security appliance with the power to deliver network visibility, analysis, and control over all ports and all channels in real-time, to manage advanced persistent threats (APTs) and prevent data breaches on multi-gigabit-speed networks.

“Fidelis XPS Cyber Decoders: Gaining Deeper Visibility and Control”

While IPv6 poses no inherent security risk, it can be used to facilitate or conceal attacks on networks without explicit IPv6 controls. IPv6 and other tunneling protocols employed on IPv4 networks can be used to bypass firewalls and IPS devices that are not IPv6- and IP Tunnel-aware. The new Fidelis XPS IP Tunnel cyber decoder provides full inspection of sessions running over 6to4, 6over4, Teredo, and GRE tunnels. It can be used to detect the presence of this tunneled traffic and apply content inspection and malware analysis of the tunneled sessions.

There are increasingly high volumes of IPsec encapsulated traffic that may be entering and/or leaving enterprise networks. The IPsec cyber decoder provides greater visibility into the origin and endpoints of this information and full analysis of the encapsulated sessions in cases where encryption is not employed.

“IPv6 has created a serious new threat vector, due largely to the fact that many companies are unaware of its existence. IPv6 comes enabled as a standard feature with today’s largest operating systems and must be disabled manually; otherwise potentially harmful traffic is allowed to traverse your network with little to no visibility. The new decoders that we are announcing today, IP Tunnel and IPsec, will help companies mitigate the risks of this traffic by providing greater visibility and analysis of content in tunneled sessions.” said Peter George, CEO of Fidelis Security Systems.

The introduction of IP Tunnel and IPsec cyber decoders into Fidelis XPS allows users to manage advanced threats and protect sensitive information, increasing visibility, analysis, and control for tunneled network communications. The addition of these decoders to the rich set of existing Fidelis XPS cyber decoders and analyzers strengthens the advanced threat mission of the Fidelis XPS network security solution. Both decoders will be included as part of the next release of Fidelis XPS, scheduled to ship in Q4, 2011.

Upcoming Webinar

Learn more about the Fidelis XPS cyber decoders by attending the upcoming webinar, “Fidelis XPS Cyber Decoders: Gaining Deeper Visibility and Control” at 1:00 p.m. EST on October 12, 2011. Please visit to register.

About Fidelis Security Systems

Since 2002, Fidelis Security Systems has been providing organizations with the network visibility, analysis and control necessary to manage advanced threats and prevent data breaches. Built on a patented Deep Session Inspection', platform, Fidelis XPS™ is the industry's only network security solution capable of seeing, studying, and stopping advanced threats in real-time by uniquely working at the session-level where today’s threats occur. Fidelis enables their government, military, and commercial enterprise customers around the globe to achieve proactive situational awareness, content protection, threat mitigation, and application activity control. Visit to learn more.

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