Network Malware Security System From ValidEdge Advances Proactive Defense Against Zero-Day And Targeted Malware Attacks

ValidEdge NMS is a combined hardware and software solution that continuously monitors critical networks for any suspect code intrusion

February 15, 2011

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, RSA Conference 2011–February 14, 2011–ValidEdge today announced that it is unveiling its new Network Malware Security (NMS) system, a new class of anti-malware security solution, at RSA Conference 2011.

The ValidEdge NMS system is a combined hardware and software solution that continuously monitors critical networks for any suspect code intrusion. Once suspicious code is detected, the system performs an instant analysis and issues alerts for IT personnel to fix security vulnerabilities and repair infected systems. The NMS system is the most advanced entrant in a new and emerging market of anti-malware systems that are designed from the ground up to deal with new and single target malware-based attacks which go undetected by firewalls or endpoint security products. By some estimates, anti-malware systems capture 30% to 50% more suspect code than other systems employed for malware detection.

Malware, including viruses, Trojans, bots or other advanced persistent threats, continues to place organizational data and network resources at increasing risk. “Zero-day attacks that take advantage of un- patched systems are especially troubling because they are designed to bypass outdated security products that use signature and policy-based techniques,” said Gurjot Singh, CEO at ValidEdge. “Our new NMS solution is ideal for organizations that are susceptible to cyber attacks with custom and new malware.”

"Network security technology has not kept up with the pace of malware attacks and the problem is getting worse," said Mig Hofmann, Information Security Officer at San Francisco State University. "That is why anti-malware solutions, like the ValidEdge NMS system, is a solution we are very interested in."

The NMS system detects malware that other products miss. While other gateway products detect and block KNOWN malware, no other solution is designed to handle unknown zero-day malware or a single-target malware attack on critical assets. The NMS system includes sensor agents, system manager with black and white list scanners and an analyzer. The NMS agents passively monitor span ports of core switches or critical network segments and re-assemble packets that contain potentially suspect code. The NMS agents forward the files automatically to the NMS Analyzer appliance.

The NMS Analyzer can take any piece of unknown binary executable code and provide valuable information about it instantaneously. The appliance provides real-time intelligence in the form of critical knowledge to the IT organization without requiring any signatures or updates from the vendor. The NMS Analyzer can tell the IT administrator whether an unknown file in the network is malware or not. It will further describe how the malware attacks systems and expose any logic bombs that may be hidden in the code waiting for an eventual trigger.

Once threats are identified, the NMS can alert IT personnel of malware threats, generate a detailed report about the malware, and create a repair kit to remove the infection. Using ValidEdge’s patent-pending malware analytics, the NMS is able to identify new malware in seconds and give security professionals the knowledge needed to detect, analyze and repair compromised systems within minutes.

“The NMS system can provide security experts with insight into the nature and causes of a breach, similar to how ‘Sblack boxes’ provide airlines the information necessary to understand the cause of a crash,” said Steve Ocepek, director of Security Research, Trustwave SpiderLabs. “We can help organizations that are using ValidEdge products improve their security posture. The combination of our security consulting on top of the ValidEdge product is an ideal solution for any organization that is looking for a very fast response to a malware based attack.”

Availability: The ValidEdge NMS product is shipping today.

Visit Our Booth: To learn more about how to strengthen the organization’s defense against zero-day and targeted malware-based attacks, please visit ValidEdge at the RSA Conference 2011 in booth #241.

About ValidEdge When every second counts, organizations under targeted attack use ValidEdge systems to eradicate malware-based threats. ValidEdge offers the world’s leading anti-malware solution for faster identification and better mitigation against new malware in real time. Designed for enterprises and government agencies, ValidEdge purpose-built anti- malware systems allow you to detect, analyze and heal compromised systems attacked by the most sophisticated and insidious types of malware. Led by a team experienced in building highly secure systems for mission-critical applications, and knowledgeable in dismantling sophisticated malware, ValidEdge is ushering in the next generation of malware awareness. ValidEdge is a wholly owned subsidiary of LynuxWorks, Inc., a leader in safe and secure software solutions. For more information visit

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