National Health ISAC Offers Industry Threat Intelligence Platform

Healthcare Industry Promotes Collaboration and Information Sharing to Take Lead in Fighting Online Threats

December 4, 2014

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SANS/NH-ISAC Cyber Security Summit, San Francisco, CA – December 3, 2014 – The National Heath ISAC (NH-ISAC), the United States’ Healthcare and Public Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center, announced today during the SANS/NH-ISAC Cyber Security Summit in San Francisco the immediate general availability of its threat intelligence platform to all current members of the NH-ISAC to combat online threats.

“The core mission of an ISAC is to enable members to share information to improve the overall resiliency of the sector and this mission is enabled in part by the sophisticated threat intelligence platform available for members,” said Jim Routh, Chairman, NH-ISAC Product & Services Committee.

As threats become increasingly pervasive across the healthcare industry, targeting not only confidential trade secrets and financial information but also the most sensitive personal information, new responses are needed by the entire healthcare industry to work together to fight these threats. The NH-ISAC is taking the lead in the industry response by providing a groundbreaking threat intelligence platform to help members capture, process, and work together to respond to online threats. As a federally authorized, not-for-profit organization, the NH-ISAC is best positioned to take this lead for the benefit of the healthcare industry free from the obligations of financial performance or shareholder return.
The NH-ISAC Platform is leveraging innovative solutions from Soltra Solutions and Vorstack to create common ground for fighting threats across all members. The platform is specifically designed to leverage standards like STIX/TAXII while retaining focus on ease of integration and use within Information Security environments, even within organizations that do not have extensive security teams.

The NH-ISAC Threat Intelligence Platform is also offering Members first-of-its-kind capabilities to share threat information, establishing threat detection and fighting as a community effort across the Industry. Participating members can work together directly to fight threats without fear of security or privacy violations, eliminating historical boundaries that have previously prevented organizations from working together.

Deborah Kobza, Executive Director of the NH-ISAC, noted, “We’re very pleased to offer present and future members of the NH-ISAC this new Threat Intelligence Platform. Our intention is to continue to lead the Healthcare industry in its response to threats to our cyber infrastructure, now and into the future”

The NH-ISAC Threat Intelligence Platform is available immediately to all current members. More information about the Platform and how to register for the services is available at Organizations who wish to inquire about Membership in the NH-ISAC may visit

About the NH-ISAC
NH-ISAC is the nation’s Healthcare and Public Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center, responsible for advancing all-hazards (physical and cyber) security national critical infrastructure resilience.
Led by the nation’s health sector, NH-ISAC is recognized by the US Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Health Sector-Coordinating Council (SCC), the US Dept. of Homeland Security, the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), Law Enforcement and the National Council of ISACs (NCI Directorate), representing all national critical infrastructures.

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