MX Logic: Spam Levels to Spike Another 50%

New delivery methods and malware payloads strengthen impact of spam surge

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- MX Logic, Inc., a leading managed security service provider, today predicted that spam levels will spike an additional 50 percent over current levels by the end of 2007 due to the holiday retail rush. This will represent a 200 percent increase since January of 2007. Compounding the influx, MX Logic threat research expects the Storm Worm to resurrect in the coming months as spammers utilize botnets ― a collection of compromised computers ― to hide their tracks.

The company recommends organizations and their employees be especially vigilant to avoid social engineering tactics like e-card and holiday-related emails that are associated with the Storm Worm. It is also important to note that hackers are directing users to Web sites where malicious downloadable files are disguised as festive screen savers or audio files that can wreak havoc on computers. The increase in online shopping by employees during this time of year leaves unprotected networks especially vulnerable.

Sam Masiello, director of threat management at MX Logic said “We expect hackers to use the traditional retail rush to target unsuspecting holiday shoppers and potentially compromise their sensitive information through innovative new delivery methods and malware payloads.”

MX Logic Inc.

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