Mandiant Report: Dwell Time Decreases While Ransomware, Extortion Flourish

Mandiant's Charles Carmakal joins Dark Reading's Terry Sweeney at Dark Reading News Desk during RSA Conference to discuss the company's latest annual M-trends report.

Mandiant's Charles Carmakal digs into the findings from the company's latest annual M-Trends report, noting that average dwell time has decreased to 16 days. He discusses whether most companies are detecting threats independently or are waiting to be alerted. Carmakal also describes the latest moves in online extortion and ransomware. And he explains the role his company had in the incident detection and remediation in the cyber warfare aspect of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Charles Carmakal is the CTO of Mandiant Consulting, and is one of Mandiant’s leading incident response experts. He oversees a team that has helped over a thousand organizations respond to complex security breaches orchestrated by foreign governments, organized criminals, and political hacktivists. Charles has significant experience helping Fortune 500 organizations build and enhance security programs to combat advanced attacks. He frequently provides strategic security guidance to executive leadership and boards of directors.