Lumension Rolls Out New AV Product

Lumension AntiVirus provides endpoint security protection against malware, zero-day threats

October 28, 2009

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Scottsdale, Ariz. " October 27, 2009

News Facts:

  • As the sophistication of malware continues to increase, coupled with the expansion of Web 2.0 technologies and increased browser-based risk, malicious code is on the rise. More than 21 million unique instances of malware have been identified, and that number continues to grow exponentially.1

    • To combat this, organizations need a comprehensive endpoint protection strategy that employs multiple techniques to identify and block both known and unknown malware and zero-day exploits.

    • To give IT administrators a solid view into both the known and unknown or dormant malware threats that exist, Lumension, a global leader in endpoint management and security, today unveiled Lumension' AntiVirus, a complementary technology to its whitelisting-based solution, Lumension' Application Control.

    • Combined with Lumension's other endpoint protection capabilities, Lumension AntiVirus provides the protection against blended attacks needed to safeguard Windows-based endpoints, which are often the prime targets for malicious attack.

    • The combination of Lumension AntiVirus plus Lumension Application Control provides a total defense in-depth strategy" which helps customers address zero-day threats by blocking installation of unknown files on endpoints with malware quarantine and removal approach to provide multi-dimensional protection against current and future malware threats.

    • Taking this layered approach, enterprises now have more flexibility to achieve strong and comprehensive endpoint protection using complementary solutions from Lumension.

      Key Features of Lumension' AntiVirus

    • Antivirus (AV) protection " provides in-depth signature matching to recognize, block and remove viruses, worms, Trojans and other varieties of malware.

    • Antispyware (AS) capability " protects against malicious spyware such as keyloggers, hijackers, rootkits and other malicious software that jeopardizes organizational IT security and/or network performance.

    • DNA Matching and SandBox " DNA Matching identifies fragments of malware code that are often reused in new variants and attacks; by identifying this remnant malware code, LAV can prevent new variants without relying on a full signature match. The LAV SandBox executes suspect code in a fully virtual environment to explicitly identify malicious behavior; this behavior-based approach to malware protection offers a powerful layer of security against new and unknown attacks not available in signature-only models.

    • Exploit Detection " detects and quarantines hidden or embedded malware inside of disguised files and documents to provide a protective layer against malicious attacks disguised as legitimate files (e.g., an executable in a PDF file).

    • Comprehensive Cleaning Functionality - Ensures that any detected malware is removed or quarantined and not allowed to remain on network assets.

      Supporting Quotes

      Mike Wittig, President and CTO, Lumension

      "While no current antivirus solution is 100 percent effective at combating signature-based attacks, there is a definite value in incorporating AV into an overall endpoint protection strategy. By bringing together the signature-based blacklisting and behavioral approaches of Lumension AntiVirus with our existing whitelisting technology, we are able to extend the level of protection with a truly multi-dimensional approach to endpoint protection. Adding Lumension AntiVirus to the endpoint security arsenal allows us to provide organizations with a multi-layered approach to endpoint protection all from a single vendor without all of the hassle of managing disparate technologies."

      Eric Ogren, Principal Analyst, Ogren Group

      "As the explosion of viruses and data-stealing crimeware continues to wreak havoc on corporate networks, IT administrators need to take an increasingly more proactive and blended approach to endpoint protection. Lumension now offers solution layers that close system vulnerabilities, identify and remove attacks, and protect against malware from Web 2.0 threats. Organizations that adopt such a coordinated defense will be better-suited to protect against threats, keeping their network, endpoints, and business resistant to the daily influx of newborn malware."

      Supporting Resources:

      * More about Lumension AntiVirus * Relevant whitepapers: o The Past, Present and Future of Whitelisting * Follow us on Twitter * Learn more about the Optimal Security blog

      Lumension AntiVirus is available today. For more information, please visit Lumension AntiVirus.

      About Lumension Security, Inc.

      Lumension Security, Inc., a global leader in endpoint management and security, develops, integrates and markets security software solutions that help businesses protect their vital information and manage critical risk across network and endpoint assets. Lumension enables more than 5,100 customers worldwide to achieve optimal security and IT success by delivering a proven and award-winning solution portfolio that includes Vulnerability Management, Endpoint Protection, Data Protection, and Reporting and Compliance offerings. Lumension is known for providing world-class customer support and services 24x7, 365 days a year. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Lumension has operations worldwide, including Virginia, Texas, Utah, Florida, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Australia, and Singapore. Lumension: IT Secured. Success Optimized. More information can be found at .

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