Dasient's Anti-Malvertising Solution provides extra layer of protection to ensure ad delivery is safe

June 28, 2011

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BOULDER, Colo., June 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Lijit Networks, Inc., an innovative provider of advertising services, audience analytics, and reader engagement tools for online publishers, today announced that the company has implemented Dasient's Anti-Malvertising Solution (AMS) to protect publishers from sophisticated malware threats.

Lijit's direct partnerships with every major industry player - ad agencies, trading desks, DSPs, ad exchanges, ad optimizers, and ad networks - provides mid- and long-tail publishers with an opportunity to work with the industry's widest range of ad providers. With over 1,000 ads per second supplied by hundreds of buy side partners, Lijit's primary mission is to protect publishers while optimizing their revenue opportunity. Dasient's Anti-Malvertising Solution (AMS) provides an extra layer of protection to ensure ad delivery is as safe and secure as possible.

"Our vision is to be a true business partner to online publishers and many of the publishers in our network don't have the resources to implement costly security measures," said Todd Vernon, CEO and founder of Lijit Networks. "Dasient allows us to take extra precautions on behalf of our publishers so that they can focus on what they do best - creating highly engaging, conversational content for their readers."

Dasient scans millions of ads and web pages daily to identify the latest malvertising attacks and has built an Infection Library of over 230,000 malware infections. Leveraging its deep behavioral analysis technology, Dasient's AMS monitors ads from third-party ad networks and automatically identifies malicious advertisements coming into a website or network, thus limiting the exposure and severity of a malvertising attack.

"We are delighted that Lijit has selected Dasient to protect their publishers from the growing threat of malicious advertising," said Paul Stich, President and CEO of Dasient.

"Each day, legitimate websites are inadvertently serving over a million malicious and deceptive ads, posing threats to consumers and the websites they visit. With the Dasient solution deployed, publishers using Lijit's advertising services can feel confident in the built-in protection they receive from a partner like Lijit."

To learn more about Lijit's advertising services, please visit http://www.lijit.com/publishers/monetize.

About Lijit Networks, Inc.

Lijit Networks, Inc. was incorporated in June 2006 and is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. By providing innovative advertising services, audience analytics, and reader engagement tools to over 21,000 online publishers, commercial websites and content networks, Lijit helps publishers grow their website, build their business and make more money. Lijit connects publishers with premium online advertising campaigns that are highly targeted and contextually relevant to the publisher's audience. Learn more at http://www.lijit.com.

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