Kaspersky Rolls Out New Administration Kit, AV Products

Enhancements deliver anti-malware protection for Windows workstations and file server endpoints, including compatibility with Windows 7

October 8, 2009

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WOBURN, MA " October 6, 2009 " Two classic dilemmas that IT security managers confront daily:

  • How to balance network protection with user performance; and

    • Choosing between maintaining mediocre end-point security solutions versus a long and costly removal and installation process.

      New economic realities and the changing security landscape both demand high levels of protection and performance in all business software. "Good enough" protection is no longer an option. Plus, upgrading an organization's security cannot come with the added expense of a lengthy rollout for the IT department, or a huge learning-curve that affects the productivity of end-users. With these challenges in mind, Kaspersky Lab introduces Kaspersky Open Space Security (KOSS) Release 2 " comprised of:

    • Kaspersky Administration Kit 8.0 " A newly renovated management console that offers more visibility and control than ever before over all facets of the network, built to streamline time-consuming policy management tasks. This software is Microsoft-certified to be fully compatible with Windows 7.

    • Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Workstations 6.0 Release 2 " The latest malware detection technology to block and remove threats targeting endpoints. This software is also Microsoft-certified to be fully compatible with Windows 7.

    • Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Fileservers 6.0 Release 2 " Advanced proactive and reactive protection for servers offering significant performance enhancements and compatibility with new Windows server platforms.

      Kaspersky Lab's customers have identified four key requirements that IT security initiatives need to be measured against - Protect, Perform, Manage and Deploy. Success in these categories not only defines the success of a product, but often the IT project itself and its managers. The three new components of Kaspersky Open Space Security have been built with these criteria in mind. Kaspersky Lab's new Release 2 offerings - which are free as an upgrade to all existing KOSS customers - assist besieged IT managers with both combating the ever-rising tide of malware, while satisfying users with a far better overall PC experience and less hassle from security issues.

      For Kaspersky Lab's Green Team - the company's growing network of value-added resellers and systems integrators - KOSS Release 2 represents a compelling new opportunity to demonstrate Kaspersky Lab's extraordinary value to existing clients and new customers alike. Better protection, performance, manageability and deployment, all at no additional charge, is a clear differentiator that now gives sales

      managers much greater leverage to compete against entrenched but otherwise mediocre security software installed on a business prospect's network.

      Kaspersky Administration Kit version 8.0 " Swiftly Deployed, Easily Managed Security

      The powerful new version of Kaspersky Lab's console provides centralized management for security policy, with a new interface and dashboards that provide real-time visibility into networks of all sizes. Kaspersky Administration Kit 8.0 features more than 40 new and significantly improved features for rapid deployment, management and reporting, providing functionality that range from endpoint discovery to device management, for up to 10,000 nodes.

      Taking the pain out of the "rip-and-replace" process, the easy-to-use deployment tools of the Kaspersky Administration Kit 8.0 provide a clear picture of which machines are running on a network, simple removal of unauthorized or incompatible software, and wizard-based guidance for deploying new software across an organization. Once deployed, Kaspersky Administration Kit 8.0 can configure security software to meet individual user requirements, automatically create and enforce group policy, and easily configure security profiles for mobile users. The Kaspersky Administration Kit's remote console enables an administrator to perform management functions, wherever they are - at work, at home, or on the road.

      Beyond easy installation, Kaspersky Administration Kit 8.0 comes with additional new features to help IT administrators manage a more secure and productive network:

    • A completely redesigned graphic interface for a much more intuitive and easier management experience, fewer clicks to complete tasks, and customized notifications for maintenance, user actions, or security incidents.

    • Management tools for automating protection decisions - such as updating the antivirus database, monitoring system status, and initializing responses to critical events

    • Greater control of peripheral devices, such as removable storage media, enabling these to be automatically blocked across the network, restricted by category, or permitted only for certain users, dramatically reducing the threat of data loss or infection from within the firewall.

    • Improved reporting, included pre-defined or customizable formats delivered via the Web, PDF, XML, or within a database for direct third-party access.

    • SNMP-enabled for monitoring by network operation center applications, and integration with Microsoft NAP for network policy enforcement.

      By reducing the burden of implementation and day-to-day management, Kaspersky Administration Kit 8.0 minimizes operational impact across the organization and lets you get back to business.

      Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Workstations 6.0 and File Servers 6.0 Release 2 " Unmatched Protection and Performance

      Striking a balance between efficiency and protection has never been more imperative as IT budgets stay tight, user productivity remains paramount, and the threat to business' has become increasingly virulent and adaptive. Kaspersky Lab has become synonymous with the highest quality of malware detection and removal in the IT industry. With Release 2, Kaspersky Lab once again reaffirms its core heritage with a new class of anti-virus engine to deliver the most elevated level of protection and performance for business security. Kaspersky Lab's Release 2 products for Workstations and File Servers provide superior

      protection from emerging threats, all while offering scanning speeds significantly faster than previous versions of Kaspersky Lab products, all of which is well-ahead of the competition.

      With these new Workstation and Fileserver products come dramatic improvements for better detection of breaking "zero-day" attacks through a new heuristic analyzer, as well as enhanced detection of sophisticated threats such as rootkits, Trojans and SQL Injections. While keeping your organization a step ahead of cyber-criminals, Kaspersky Lab's products know to "throttle-back" resource consumption during times of high network-traffic to prevent any latency, along with a software footprint that is smaller than ever before, keeping systems protected without slowing them down.

      Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Window Workstations 6.0 Release 2 is also certified for Windows 7, ensuring uninterrupted protection as businesses migrate to the new operating system.


      John Ross, Chief Technology Officer


      "While using the beta-version of Kaspersky Open Space Security Release 2, we have seen a clear difference in the ease of deployment and sophistication of the added reporting features included as part of the management console. We have also noticed a significant improvement of the weight of the product on system resources. Kaspersky technology is known for minimal resource consumption and Release 2 of KOSS shows a drastic improvement when compared to the older version. The value proposition this product provides makes it an ideal product for our sales team to take to our customers."

      Rob Lipshutz, Partner

      Cascadia Labs

      "Kaspersky's full suite of protection capabilities offers businesses much more than just anti-virus; and it works efficiently so desktop and laptop users get protection without pain. Kaspersky simplifies deployment for both small and large companies by minimizing the number of steps from start to finish. That saves time and money. Plus, the Kaspersky Administration Kit offers a useful dashboard and a decidedly task-oriented approach - useful for administrators that need to see status at a glance and get things done."

      Keith Maskell, Vice President, Corporate Business

      Kaspersky Lab

      "During the research and development of Kaspersky Open Space Security Release 2, the message to our developers was clear - easier installation, fewer clicks, with a more intuitive design. But for these products to make the day-to-day tasks of our valued customers easier, we have been careful not to lose sight of the importance of customer support, which is a true value-multiplier in these tough economic conditions. Kaspersky Lab's support packages are second-to-none, and I'm confident we can work with our channel partners to provide not only the best protection available, but the best overall ownership experience for our users."

      As always, all Kaspersky Lab customers receive free technical support from our U.S.-based technicians, whose average time to answer a call is less than five minutes. With Kaspersky Lab's world class support, network administrators always have somewhere to turn for help.

      About Kaspersky Lab

      Kaspersky Lab is the world's largest privately-held Internet Security company, providing comprehensive protection against all forms of IT threats such as viruses, spyware, hackers and spam. The company's products provide in-depth defense at work, at home and on the road for home and mobile users, small and medium sized businesses and large enterprises, protecting more than 250 million systems around the globe. Kaspersky technology is also incorporated inside the products and services of approximately 100 of the industry's leading IT, networking, communications and applications solution vendors. For further information about the company, please visit www.kaspersky.com. For the latest in-depth information on security threat issues and trends, please visit www.viruslist.com. For the most up-to-date world security news, visit www.threatpost.com.


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