Kaspersky Lab Debuts Mac Product

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac can be used on machines equipped with Mac OS 10.4.11 or higher, including Snow Leopard, and Intel processors

November 5, 2009

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WOBURN, MA " November 5, 2009 " The debate around malware that targets Macs is evolving from simple theory and random sightings into a growing concern. While the amount of malware that infects Mac computers still pales in comparison to PC malware, there's no question that Macs can and do get infected by viruses and Trojans circulating around the Web today. No doubt, malware that targets Macs will be a rising concern for the future, but a very real Mac security concern needs to be addressed today: Macs that are used as carriers for PC malware. These Macs, operating without proper protection to block PC-targeting malware, continue to be unknowing hosts that spread infections to PCs through shared networks, Web connections and USB transfers.

To address the Mac security concerns of today and tomorrow, Kaspersky Lab, a global leader in Internet safety and security, today announced Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac to prevent the inadvertent spread of PC malware to the friends and colleagues of Mac users, and to also protect Macs from being preyed upon. Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac offers the premium protection of Kaspersky Lab's malware analyst team, which protects users from more than 30,000 new threats each day " including current and future malware tailored specifically for Macs.

To date, the Mac user community has been relatively unscathed by the security concerns of PC users. But as Macs enjoy increased share of the consumer marketplace, they in turn are becoming more attractive targets for Mac-infecting malware that can steal identities and financial information, corrupt irreplaceable documents, music and photos, and slow a Mac's overall performance.

In an acknowledgement of the present and future risks of Mac malware, Apple has recently begun adding more security technology in its computers to help limit the spread of Mac-based malware. Particularly as more Macs are used at home and in the workplace alongside PCs, Kaspersky Lab believes Mac users will benefit from an additional layer of proven protection to guard against sophisticated cybercriminals that are increasingly targeting Mac machines for infection, and using Macs as safe harbors for their PC malware.

Helping Macs Stay Secure in an Unsecure "PC World"

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac is Kaspersky Lab's first product designed specifically for Macs and can be used on machines equipped with Mac OS 10.4.11 or higher, including Snow Leopard, and Intel processors. The software automatically scans files, downloads from the Web, and email attachments in real-time, and can disinfect files that have been compromised. After installation, Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac uses only one-percent of the idle CPU's resources while standing guard, ensuring fast performance while enjoying superior protection from all types of malware threats, including viruses, worms, Trojans and bots.

Users of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac will immediately notice a familiar, customizable Mac-style interface, which will be instantly recognizable for Mac owners. Behind the scenes, Mac users will benefit from small, frequent updates for newly-identified threats, driven by Kaspersky Lab's global team of virus analysts who monitor breaking threats 24-hours a day for immediate protection. Additionally, all Kaspersky Lab customers in the U.S. and Canada have direct access to Kaspersky's quality U.S.-based support team, available via toll-free phone, email and chat. Kaspersky Lab live support is always free, never for an additional cost, and our online knowledgebase is always accessible to answer common questions.


Justin Priestley, Senior Vice President of Consumer Sales

Kaspersky Lab Americas

"Kaspersky Lab firmly believes that Mac owners can see the value in additional protection against malware trends that nobody can predict. Logic tells us that there's the potential for a watershed moment in security which can have a widespread effect on the Mac community. It's important to be aware and prepared. And if Macs live and work among PCs there is always the very real threat of passing malicious infections on to other machines."


Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac is available for download from the Kaspersky e-store as a 30-day free trial version, which can be upgraded to a full 1-year license. A 1-year license to protect a single Mac is $39.95, or a 1-year license to protect up to three different Macs is $59.95.

About Kaspersky Lab

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