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Kaspersky Lab: 323,000 New Malware Samples Found Each Day

Credit it to mass-produced malware and better detection through machine learning.

Antivirus provider Kaspersky Lab has revealed that around 323,000 new malware files are being identified each day by its product as opposed to 70,000 files per day in 2011. This, it claims, is an increase by 13,000 per day when compared to last year.

The jump is seen partly because cybercriminals have turned sophisticated and are offering “mass production of malware and tailored cybercriminal services.”  Another reason, says Kaspersky, is the improvement in the quality and technique of automated malware analysis technologies which successfully detects all malware types, both existing and unknown.

Kaspersky claims to have a billion malicious malware in its cloud database now. It gives credit for this to its machine-learning based malware analysis system Astraea which, it says, has been increasingly active in detecting malware – from 7.5% in 2012 to 40.5% in December 2016.

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