K7 Computing Launches K7 TotalSecurity Version 10.0

Advanced protection features include "Pre-Installation Super Scanner" tool, which detects and eliminates threats even before the installation of the main package

August 25, 2009

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19th August 2009, Chennai, India " K7 Computing, one of the leading Information Security companies, recently announced its release of K7 TotalSecurity Version 10.0, an Internet Security Software with advanced protection features to safeguard users from the multitude of varied Internet Threats. K7 TotalSecurity, with its new features, provides multilayered defense to the PC users. The "Pre-Installation Super Scanner" tool detects and eliminates threats even before the installation of the main package - taking security to the next level. The enhanced "Smart Updater" ensures seamless product updates providing up-to-date protection.

K7 TotalSecurity's ever evolving internet security protection technology is already becoming the top choice for a larger community of PC users across the globe. In a review published August 15, 2009, in PC Magazine, distinguished editor Neil J. Rubenking's evaluation of K7TotalSecurity Version 10.0 concluded that the product scored one of the highest of any product evaluated in detecting malware. Additionally, K7TotalSecurity has long been noted for its minimal use of system resources and the impact of the product on system performance. This was confirmed by Rubenking in his evaluation, as he concluded that K7TotalSecurity performed at or near the top of this class of products in tests which were representative of "actual use" cases.

To read the full review, please visit: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2351539,00.asp A quick glance through K7 TotalSecurity Version 10.0

What's New? - Generic Root Kit Scanning - Scanning for tracking cookies - Malware Trace remover - Malicious & Phishing Site Blocking - Detect Internet (DNS) Hijacking - Smart updater - Windows 7 readiness - Complete 64 bit support including Vista 64 bit, XP 64 Bit, Windows 7 64Bit - Support for Bluetooth devices - Enhanced Heuristic based scanning - Syncing of Windows Mobile devices - Enhanced support for multi-core systems Improved - Silent Firewall (Learning Mode) " Does not depend upon user decision - Scanning and User interface - Enhanced Virus Scan Engine - Intelligent Tooltip alerts

With all the updated features, K7 TotalSecurity Ver.10 provides advanced protection to the user's PC.

Kesavardhanan, Founder & CEO of K7 Computing said, "At K7 we constantly strive to evolve latest security technologies to provide best protection at affordable prices to Home and Small Business users. We listen to our customers' feedback earnestly and respond to them. Unlike the common industry practice of selling different versions separately, we upgrade our customers to the latest versions of the product absolutely free of cost during their subscription period," he added.

To download K7 TotalSecurity Ver.10 Visit: http://www.k7computing.com/totalsecurity/k7-totalsecurity.html

About K7 Computing

K7 Computing is a leading information security software solutions company providing K7 TotalSecurity (Firewall, Antivirus, Anti- spam, Anti- Spyware, Privacy Control & System monitor) to protect individuals and organizations from IT threats like viruses, malware, spyware and other potential hacker attacks.

Founded in 1991, the company has in the past few years created Virus Security, which has gone on to become the fastest selling desktop security solution in Japan and is currently the No.1 Desktop Security product there. Today K7 Computing, with its track record of Total Internet Security suite innovation, characteristic, compact engineering and swift response to evolving consumer expectations, is poised to widen its horizons all over the world.

For more information visit: http://www.k7computing.com

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