IOActive Launches New Security Intelligence Service

New service to consolidate experience and deliver unprecedented insight for customers

August 9, 2013

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Seattle, USA -- August 7, 2013 – IOActive, Inc., the leading global provider of specialist information security services, today announced the launch of its new Security Intelligence Service, to help arm organizations with prioritized critical security insights based on their unique business in light of the ever growing threat landscape.

World-renowned research capabilities and extensive experience providing security-related consulting to many of the world's largest and most demanding companies makes it possible for IOActive to offer a Security Intelligence Service like no other. Unlike typical vulnerability feed services, IOActive uses its unique industry- and customer-centric experience to deliver highly customized attack information that is tailored to the specific industries and businesses of its customers. Additionally, the information is prioritized based on the customer's particular business dynamics and delivered as actionable intelligence. IOActive can also support customers with response, remediation, and prevention capabilities based on the intelligence provided.

IOActive is perennially recognized around the world for its cutting-edge security research, and first to release data on a wide range of industries and topics, including most recently:

• Vulnerabilities in automobiles, medical devices, and wireless devices for industrial automation and control systems (IACS);

• Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) access control limitations;

• Critical flaws in global Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure;

• Smart Meter worms;

• "Jackpotting" automated teller machines;

• Breaking Semiconductors;

Recent IOActive research garnering widespread acknowledgement from around the world includes being the first to identify vulnerabilities in the United States Emergency Alert Systems; TURCK industrial automation devices; pacemakers and ICDs (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators); and major manufacturer automobile ECUs (Electronic Control Units). This research helps further solidify IOActive's expertise in the field of security intelligence.

The real-time human intelligence gathering, combined with analysis from IOActive's acclaimed security research team and the unique knowledge gained from a deep understanding of customer needs from IOActive consultants enables a highly focused and robust Security Intelligence capability. This service gives customers critical insight that simply cannot be effectively extrapolated for their specific business from even the best data feeds or big data crunching solutions, much less have it before it's actually public. Customised and prioritized early warning data enables organizations to better implement action plans and apply resources more efficiently and appropriately based on the threat(s) identified and the potential business impact(s).

IOActive's Security Intelligence Service is headed by Chris Valasek, who was recently widely acclaimed for his ground-breaking work on vulnerabilities in the Electronic Control Units (ECU) used by all major automobile manufacturers to control many of the primary functions of the vehicles they produce. Chris was able to demonstrate how these core systems can be manipulated to debilitate or even entirely remove the driver's control of steering, braking, and other highly central functions to basic automobile usage and safety.

Supporting Quotes

• Chris Valasek, director of security intelligence for IOActive

"Today, there is an overabundance of security information available to organizations. While most organizations have a security team to assess this information, they might not have the expertise to filter and refine the information to know what to do with it. IOActive's new Security Intelligence Service arms our clients with the information they need to remediate and activate defenses, while also providing the distillation and projection of threats that executive management teams require."

• Chris Valasek, director of security intelligence for IOActive

"With our new Security Intelligence Service we can provide unprecedented detail into our current research without having to divulge it all to the general public. For example, an organization with strong interest in medical devices can get in touch with us and receive the information directly from the researcher focused on that area, instead of having to rely on what the mass media provides them."

• Chris Valasek, director of security intelligence for IOActive

"We have researchers on the cutting edge of identifying security issues that can have damaging or even catastrophic impacts to businesses and this new Security Intelligence Service puts that talent to work to identify, advise, prioritize and mitigate risks to clients. We aim to provide insight into security threats directly from the people who fully understand the issues."

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