HBGary Prices Responder Field Edition At Less Than $1K

Responder performs all physical to virtual address mappings, re-creates the object manager, exposes all objects, and enables investigators to perform a complete and comprehensive computer investigation

February 24, 2009

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Sacramento, Calif. " February 23, 2009 " HBGary, Inc., (http://www.hbgary.com), the leader in memory forensics and malware analysis, today announced that law enforcement and government agencies can now purchase HBGary Responder Field Edition for under $1000.

"Responder Field Edition has helped police departments and computer forensic investigators around the country collect key electronic evidence in memory that completes their digital investigations" said.HBGary CTO Rich Cummings. "With the introduction of this value-priced version of Responder Field Edition, increasingly budget-conscious police departments can still use the best commercial computer memory forensics tool in the market today."

Responder Field Edition was designed to provide law enforcement and computer intrusion investigators with the most powerful Live Windows Memory preservation and analysis capabilities

"Today law enforcement agencies are literally in an arms race against tech-savvy criminals who use advanced technologies to thwart or defeat computer forensic investigations," said.Cummings. "Live box analysis has become a critical requirement to investigate illicit activities on computers and to best determine motives, behaviors and identity."

Critical digital evidence found in memory includes: user names and passwords, encryption keys, instant messenger chat sessions, unencrypted data, open documents and emails, encryption keys, hidden code like rootkits, and registry information. All this data can help provide contextual information about a criminal's activity on the computer.

About HBGary Responder Field Edition The value-priced version of Responder Field Edition still provides the most thorough and comprehensive memory analysis capability in the industry. Responder performs all physical to virtual address mappings, recreates the object manager, exposes all objects, and enables investigators to perform a complete and comprehensive computer investigation.

Responder Field Edition Memory Analytics provide the following: Running processes Open files Passwords in clear text Unencrypted data Instant messages Installed network devices Keyboard monitors Rootkits & Trojans Network socket information Registry info

Pricing and availability HBGary Responder Field Edition is available now for $979.00. To get more information and purchase the product, please visit http://www.hbgary.com/responder_field.html

About HBGary, Inc. HBGary, Inc. was founded in 2003 by renowned security expert Greg Hoglund. Mr. Hoglund and his team are internationally known experts in the field of windows internals, software reverse engineering, bug identification, rootkit techniques and countermeasures. Today HBGary specializes in developing advanced computer analysis solutions for Information Assurance (IA) analysts, Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT's), and Computer Forensic Investigators to detect, diagnose, and respond to computer intrusions and other cyber crime activities. The company is headquartered in Sacramento with sales offices in the Washington D.C.. area. HBGary is privately held. For more information on the company, please visit: http://www.hbgary.com.

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