HBGary Addresses Malware With Next-Gen Release Of Responder Pro

Responder Pro 2.1 detects the latest rootkits, Trojans, zero-days, and malware

May 13, 2013

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Sacramento, California, May 13th, 2013 -- In a move to significantly close the gap between discovery and mitigation of targeted attacks, HBGary, a subsidiary of ManTech International Corporation, today unveiled the next-generation version of Responder&trade Pro, the de facto industry standard in automated Windows® physical memory analysis.

By leveraging Digital DNA&trade 3.0, HBGary's flagship technology, Responder&trade Pro 2.1 detects the latest rootkits, Trojans, zero-days, and malware variants currently undetected by anti-virus, IOCs (indicators of compromise), and other signature-based solutions.

Responder 2.1 also provides 64-bit analysis and Unicode support, as well as support for Windows® 8 and Windows® Server 2012.

Fortune 50 corporations, leading government agencies, and state and local law enforcement agencies are just a few of the organizations using Responder&trade Pro today to counter cyberattacks.

"With the rise in targeted attacks, organizations want tools to perform key phases of incident response, without needing expensive consultants to operate them. Responder&trade Pro allows digital investigators of all experience levels to find never-before-seen threats, collect and analyze critical memory artifacts like chat sessions and images, and generate actionable intelligence to determine whether an incident has occurred -- and, if it has, to dedicate the necessary resources for response," said Frank Blackmore, HBGary Product Manager.

Responder 2.1 also includes FDPro&trade, the industry's most complete memory acquisition tool.

About Digital DNA

Digital DNA&trade cuts through the wide array of anti-forensic measures employed by today's most stealthy malware. Digital DNA&trade proactively identifies and analyzes the most advanced malware threats in physical memory, including those used against global organizations for theft of intellectual property, business intelligence, customer records, and classified information.All software modules residing in physical memory are identified and ranked by threat severity so incident responders, at a glance, can determine quickly how to allocate their resources to mitigate the risk to their business environment.

About Responder Pro

Responder&trade Pro is the de facto industry standard Windows&trade physical memory and automated malware analysis solution. Malware delivery and rootkit behavior not detected by anti-virus can be easily found using Responder&trade Pro. The Responder&trade Pro malware analysis module automatically generates a malware analysis report that provides a high-level overview of each binary's possible capabilities broken out into 6 different factors. Responder&trade Pro's deep malware analysis includes automated code disassembly, behavioral profiling, pattern searching, code labeling, and control flow graphing.

Pricing and Availability

Responder&trade Pro 2.1 costs $10,200 plus $2000 for a one-year subscription for Digital DNA. The product will be available by May 31, 2013.

About HBGary

HBGary provides Enterprise Incident Response solutions and services to enable organizations to conduct key phases of incident response including detecting zero-days and other unknown malware, validating whether an actual incident has occurred, and responding to the incident. Customers include Fortune 50 corporations and U.S. government agencies. HBGary is located in Sacramento, CA, and is a subsidiary of ManTech International Corporation. For information, please visit www.hbgary.comor HBGary's Twitteror Facebookpages.

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