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Hacker Creates Software Ratings System

The new formula to rate computer software could force creators to perform better, says Peiter ‘Mudge’ Zatko.

Peiter Zatko, the famed hacker popularly known as Mudge, and his wife Sarah have created a Consumer Reports-style ratings system to deliver computer software that is always safe, says Reuters. This could be a revolutionary approach towards software security with buyers putting pressure on creators to perform better.

“We’ve just been paralyzed so far, but hopefully this is something that can get us over the hurdle,” says Peiter.

The Zatkos approach involves a focus on the binaries, which are the digital outputs of the computer code, instead of the code. Priority has been given to the role of the compilers, which convert source code to binary, wherein vulnerabilities remain.

“Source code is the theory, while binary is the practice,” says Sarah. “It makes a huge difference in how secure the actual product is.”

The couple explained how their system works and pointed out some of the early winners at Black Hat 2016 this week. 

This ratings system, Reuters reports, will especially interest insurance firms which have been at a loss so far to fix premiums against hackers.

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