Eleven Combats Spam At Its Source

eXpurgate Outbound Protection compliantly secures ISP infrastructures from unknowingly sending spam and malware

December 10, 2008

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Berlin, December 9, 2008 - One of the key drains on IT resources today is that legitimate infrastructures, mainly large ISPs' webmail services and other e-mail services are unknowingly sending spam and malware from their own network. Leading German e-mail security provider eleven has addressed this dilemma with a dramatic solution in its latest 3.0 version of eXpurgate Outbound Protection - allowing IT organizations to prevent the damage caused by this misuse of their networks. The proven eXpurgate bulk check technology makes it possible to check outgoing as well as incoming e-mail messages for spam, viruses and other malware, thus reliably preventing ISPs from unknowingly spamming from their networks.

The new generation of the eXpurgate Outbound Protection offers a spam recognition rate of over 99%, a false positive rate of less than 1 in 10 million. The new eXpurgate version boasts a processing speed in excess of 1,000 e-mails per second on standard enterprise level i386 hardware - the highest performance recorded worldwide. The heart of Outbound Protection is formed by the eXpurgate SDK, which offers ISPs a host of classification and categorisation options, allowing action to be taken against spamming as soon as an unwanted bulk mailing starts to be produced. Outgoing webmail and SMTP e-mail traffic is filtered in compliance withlegal regulations and standards. For each e-mail category, several actions can be configured, from an automatic block on the e-mail send function to sending a notification of the spam attack to the company administrators.

eleven's founder and CEO, Robert Rothe comments, "ISP infrastructures are increasingly being misused to send spam, with the aid of botnets. This can mean that trust in the affected ISP sinks, and financial losses and image problems can result. eXpurgate Outbound Protection ensures that ISPs do not send unwanted bulk mailings, thus stopping the spam at source."

The eXpurgate Outbound Protection is a key component of eleven's integrated e-mail security solution eXpurgate, which effectively combats spam, viruses and other malware, and ensures business-related e-mail communication at all times.

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eleven - e-mail security made in Germany eleven is Germany's leading e-mail security provider. eXpurgate is the world's only spam filter and e-mail categorisation service that offers reliable protection against spam and phishing mails, recognises potentially dangerous e-mails and differentiates between individual mails and any kind of bulk mail. In addition, eXpurgate also offers a powerful e-mail firewall and a comprehensive range of options for protection against viruses.

More than 30,000 enterprises use the eXpurgate service. eXpurgate checks and categorises up to 1 billion e-mails every day. Alongside internet service providers such as O2, T-Online, Vodafone and freenet, eleven's customer base includes many well-known enterprises and leading global players. For further information, please visit http://www.eleven.de.

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