EdgeWave Unveils Military-Grade Breach Identification Service

EdgeWave EPIC Security Assurance Service Enables Organizations to Identify and Immediately Respond to Cyber Attacks

April 15, 2015

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San Diego, April 15, 2015 - EdgeWave, Inc.  (www.edgewave.com ), a San Diego-based cyber security leader, today announced EdgeWave EPIC Security Assurance ServiceTM, a new offering that helps identify when an organization has been hacked and provides an actionable remediation plan to quickly eliminate the threat.  Combining advanced adaptive analytics and 24x7x365 analysis conducted by battle-proven US Military cyber veterans, EdgeWave EPIC Security Assurance Service provides a level of defense against data breaches proven effective on the US Department of Defense networks.
Even the best security systems do not stop all attacks and two-thirds of malicious breaches take months to discover.   To stop costly data breaches, organizations must react quickly when they have been hacked to shut down the attacker before they inflict significant damage.  Unfortunately, current security monitoring systems are ineffective and create too many false alerts.  Organizations do not have enough time or expert security personnel to effectively investigate the volume of alerts and identify true threats in a timely manner.

With EdgeWave EPIC Security Assurance Service, organizations of all sizes can identify when they’ve been hacked and take steps to remediate the potential damage.  The ability to identify even the most sophisticated attacks is enabled by EdgeWave Enhanced Precision and Integrated Cyber Capabilities (EPIC), a transformational Military-Grade approach to cyber security that fuses machine, threat, and human intelligence using battle-proven cyber warriors and military processes to monitor and analyze network and endpoint behavior for indications of compromise, 24x7x365.  

 “Hackers are winning the cyber war and traditional security methods are failing,” said Mike Walls, EdgeWave Managing Director, Security Operations & Analysis.  “What’s required is a military warfighting process. We need to monitor, we need to assess and we need to act on that information as soon as possible.  We brought EPIC, proven in the National Defense environment, to the civilian sector to do just that.” Prior to joining EdgeWave Mike Walls (CAPT, US Navy Ret.) was responsible for the U.S. Navy cyber readiness, ensuring the security of over 300 ships, 4,000 aircraft and 400,000 servicemen – the world’s largest intranet.

EdgeWave EPIC Security Assurance Service starts by installing a sensor to monitor, profile, and aggregate network and endpoint data to create a baseline model of normal traffic and behavior.  Anomalous behavior and forensic data is passed to highly skilled EPIC Analysts to investigate and verify as a true threat.    Upon verification of a threat, the customer receives an immediate alert with actionable response plans to eliminate the threat and prevent a data breach.  

 Key features of the EPIC Security Assurance Service include:

  • Military-Grade Analysis – Protect your network with former US military cyber security experts 

  • 360 Degree Breach Detection – 24x7 monitoring of your entire network and endpoints for unusual activity 

  • True Alerts – Stop wasting time on false alarms.  Expert analysis determines if there is a real attack

  • Action Plan – Immediate alert and actionable response plan to eliminate the attack

  • Predictive Analytics – Receive real-time, preemptive security rules from attacks identified on other networks

"Human interaction is absolutely critical," continued Mr. Walls. "You can have the best technology in the world and you can have the best automated analytics, but if you don't have people with the right skills watching your networks, you are going to miss something.  EdgeWave EPIC employs battle-proven US Military cyber veterans who quickly identify threats in order to minimize the time between compromise and detection so you can take action to mitigate damage to your networks and your business.”

The EdgeWave Security Assurance Service combines with the rest of the EdgeWave cyber security portfolio to provide comprehensive layered security against advanced threats.  EdgeWave iPrism Web Gateway and ePrism Email Security provide advanced web and email security at the company perimeter, the EdgeWave EPIC Next Generation Firewall provides granular network and application-level protection, and now the EdgeWave EPIC Security Assurance Service provides actionable information in response to attackers who have penetrated the network.
Learn more about the EdgeWave EPIC Security Assurance Service at https://www.edgewave.com/securityassurance  or visit EdgeWave in Booth S2445 at RSA Conference 2015.
About EdgeWave, Inc.
EdgeWave is a Cyber Security industry leader, delivering innovative, effective and efficient security solutions across the full spectrum of business and government organizations. EdgeWave EPIC (Enhanced Precision and Integrated Cyber Capabilities) combines real-time human and artificial intelligence with a Military-Grade operations approach to anticipate, identify, and defend against sophisticated adversaries and advanced security threats. 
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