DeepNines Introduces Security Lab And Internet Security Assessment Tool

Lab will provide a view of long- and short-term network threats

November 18, 2009

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Dallas, TX " November 17, 2009 " Leading network security provider, DeepNines Technologies, today launched its DeepNines Security Labs, along with the output report from its industry-first, proprietary Internet Security Assessment (ISA), which provides critical information on security gaps, threats and risks entering and leaving the network. Over the last three years, DeepNines has performed hundreds of Internet Security Assessments for enterprises, healthcare, education and government organizations. The DeepNines Security Labs measured findings from 2008 versus 2009 to provide a baseline of increases or decreases in threats and risks. The new lab will enable followers and participants to have a clear view of long- and short-term network threats and provide a clear path to solutions based specifically on these findings.

DeepNines Security Lab Results

* The number one threat revealed in the report is the increase in denial of service (DoS) attacks, which is up over 16 percent over the 12-month period. * Going hand-in-hand with DoS, and ranking second on threats year-over-year, is social networks which are up by 8 percent. * Chat was the fastest growing issue from 2008 to 2009, increasing nearing 28 percent in one year. * The report also uncovered that one of the most unrecognized threats was web proxies " a content filter circumvention tool bringing threats to networks from the outside.

"These reports have been extremely insightful for us as a way to provide users details on threats they may not be aware of otherwise. By releasing this analysis to the public, we hope to uncover trends that affect the industry as a whole," said Shawn Eldridge, vice president of marketing and products at DeepNines. "ISA is really like going to the doctor; the Internet Security Assessment will examine your network security, even if you think you feel well, to determine any illnesses, which helps us understand how to make the patient better."

DeepNines Internet Security Assessment

The DeepNines ISA is a comprehensive network evaluation that provides administrators complete Internet traffic visibility by scanning all content, applications and threats that enter and exit the network. By identifying all Internet vulnerabilities and capturing any violations of acceptable use policies, such as web proxies and music downloads, regardless of port or protocol, ISA enables organizations to understand risks to better protect, control and manage their network.

"Understanding network bandwidth, usage patterns and security risks is a huge challenge," said Marcus Martinez, IT director for Calhoun County Independent School District. "DeepNines' ISA helped us capture the actual threats, applications and content on our network that would have otherwise gone unnoticed."

ISA's approach allows participants to obtain a completely accurate and transparent look at their network and the holes that exist, without first investing in a plethora of technology that might not actually solve the problem. The tool utilizes DeepNines' powerful Secure Web Gateway solution, and sits invisibly in the network to capture all traffic and provide quantifiable, useful information and statistics on network activity and usage.

"Most network security point products inspect a limited number of ports and protocols, and often are only looking for specific types of traffic without any insight into users, applications or content. We provide a deep and thorough assessment based on real information to determine what's going on before we try to provide a solution," Added Eldridge.

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About DeepNines

DeepNines Technologies is a leader in network security, providing real-time, identity-based network defense for content and applications. Since 1999, DeepNines has provided business, education, health care and government customers with innovative network security that is affordable and easy-to-use. By inventing and patenting unified threat management technology, DeepNines' products enable unparalleled protection and control of ports, protocols, users, applications and content at firewall speed. DeepNines' gateway products leverage the power to protect, control and manage inbound and outbound Internet traffic, empowering enterprises and institutions to secure their networks deep-into-the-nines. To learn more about DeepNines, please visit DeepNines products are protected by one or more U.S. Patents Nos. 6,930978, 7,380,272, 7,058,976; Foreign Patent Nos. 95182 (W002/100039), 106027 (W02003/073724), 1282954; Patents Pending.

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