Board consists of key industry leaders and influencers in IT security

September 24, 2009

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ATLANTA, Sept. 23/PRNewswire/ --Damballa, Inc., the only security company focused on identification and mitigation of bot-driven targeted attacks against the enterprise, today announced the company's strategic Advisory Board. Damballa's Advisory Board consists of key industry leaders and influencers in IT security with over 75 years of combined experience in the technology marketplace.

Damballa's Advisory Board members include:

-- Raymond Komar, Vice President of Business Development at McAfee, Inc. -- Peter Kuper, Software industry analyst and advisor -- Jason Livingood, Executive Director of Internet Systems Engineering at Comcast Cable -- M. Thomas McNeight, 30-year veteran of the enterprise software industry -- Christopher J. Rouland, CEO and Co-Founder of Endgame Systems

Along with providing advice and feedback on the company's strategic vision and roadmap, Damballa's Advisory Board members will serve as key ambassadors for building awareness of the significance of the botnet threat to the enterprise and Internet Service Provider networks, and the pressing need for solutions to combat this evasive and damaging threat.

"We are honored to announce the forming of our Advisory Board and caliber of known industry veterans that have chosen to join. These recognizable names have definitely made a difference in the IT security community and continue to be strong thought leaders and influencers on the future of the industry," said Steve Linowes, CEO, Damballa. "The interest of these key leaders to join our Advisory Board is a testament to the urgency and importance of the botnet threat today and the strides Damballa has and continues to make in identification and mitigation of this threat. We look forward to hearing their thoughts and learning from their deep industry knowledge and applying that to Damballa's future strategy."

Enterprise network security breaches perpetrated by bot malware and criminal botnets lead to data theft, fraud and destruction every day. Even worse, up-to-date defenses, security best practices and regulatory compliance efforts rarely deliver any technical indication of the problem. According to a Gartner, Inc. report, "Botnets can lead to mass identity theft, with high financial and reputational impact on businesses."(1)

Damballa is the only security vendor that focuses exclusively on bots, botnets and related attacks that use the Internet itself to spread their malicious behavior. Rather than rely on signature databases and other outmoded technologies, Damballa identifies actual botnet communications in real-time and uses this information to locate compromised systems, determine the types of malware on each of these hosts, and assess the risk to the enterprise based on the current activity and intent of the botnet. Damballa delvers:

-- High-fidelitybotnet detection- with a lower than 1% false positive rate on alerts for threats that evade existing defense-in-depth deployments -- Bot and botnet mitigation - through real-time insight and response that minimizes business risk by containing botnet threats faster than other security technologies -- Simple integration with workflow and event management applications - to contain and remediate botnet breaches and make current security infrastructure more efficient and effective

For more information on Damballa and the Damballa Advisory Board, please visit or call 404-961-7400. And for an assessment of how many of your enterprise systems may be compromised by bot-driven targeted attacks, please visit the Damballa Risk Calculator at

For an ongoing conversation about targeted threats, please visit the Damballa blog, The Day Before Zero, at

About Damballa, Inc.

Damballa closes the botnet security gap by rapidly identifying and disrupting the open communications channels that online criminals use to infiltrate enterprise networks. These products and services integrate easily with existing infrastructure for accurate, cost-effective protection against hidden security breaches that easily evade other solutions. Damballa stops botnet breaches through high-fidelity detection, powerful mitigation guidance for botnet malware, and simple integration with workflow and event management applications. The result is a smarter, more flexible security infrastructure that responds to a wider range of current and future online threats. Damballa is privately held and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

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