Community-Based Antivirus Immunet Protect 2.0 Launched Today

Immunet Protect provides a layer of cloud-based protection that can be used alone or on top of existing security software

June 18, 2010

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PALO ALTO, CA -- June 17, 2010 – Immunet, developers of next-generation anti-virus software, today announced the release of Immunet Protect Free 2.0, the latest version of its free, real-time antivirus software for Windows users. Immunet Protect provides a layer of cloud-based protection that can be used alone or on top of existing security software, offering real-time security that does not require updates to be downloaded to your PC.

Compatible, Companion Antivirus Provides Enhanced Protection

Immunet Protect is designed specifically to protect consumers and their social network against threats in real-time. Unlike traditional security products, Immunet Protect is compatible with conventional antivirus to provide added protection. Immunet Protect significantly improves the detection of threats on any Windows PC by combining the speed of cloud computing with the benefits of Collective Immunity™ and has been in active use by over 250,000 beta users since August, 2009.


“For anyone who spends time online – whether it’s for work, play, or staying in touch with others – viruses are a real problem that carry a much greater threat than simply a crashed PC,” said Oliver Friedrichs, Founder and CEO, Immunet. “Immunet Protect is the world’s first security product to combine the power of social networking with light-weight cloud-based antivirus software. The best way to remain virus-free is to protect those that we communicate with the most frequently. Immunet Protect let’s you do that. We believe the combination of these two technologies is a major step towards making the Internet safer for everyone.”

“The speed of malware today puts great pressure on traditional anti-virus detection and signature distribution systems to keep up,” says Eric Ogren, principal analyst at the Ogren Group. “Innovative cloud-based approaches that leverage intelligence gleaned from a vast network of consumer PCs now augment anti-virus, providing consumers with rapid protection against new attacks.”

Collective Immunity™ Protects Users and Their Contacts

Immunet’s Collective Immunity™ technology offers members a network of protection that keeps their personal PCs and the computers of their friends and family safe online. Each time a virus is blocked on one computer in the Immunet Community, all other PCs are instantly protected from the same virus. This collaborative approach leverages ‘strength-in-numbers’ to grow stronger with each new community member.

At least two out of five PC users will catch a virus this year, while 50% of consumers worldwide continue to have inadequate or outdated antivirus protection. Immunet Protect’s integrated Community feature allows members to extend virus protection to their most trusted friends and family members. Once shared, members can view the protection status with those contacts who have also installed the product, giving them confidence when sharing links, photos, and other information online. Community members can view the total protective power of their network, indicating how many viruses they have collectively blocked.

Immunet Protect is Fast and Light

Traditional antivirus products take 1-14 days to gather, analyze and deliver updates, while today’s viruses breakout and expire long before then. Immunet has designed a fast antivirus solution that does not require updates and is low on resource usage. Immunet Protect is up to 35 times smaller than traditional products:

Small download – Immunet Protect is less than 10MB to download

Fast install – Immunet Protect takes about 30 seconds install

Low CPU usage – Immunet Protect uses minimal CPU resources

Low Memory usage – Immunet Protect uses minimal memory resources

Free Technical Support

Immunet provides Toll Free technical support to all Immunet Protect customers free of charge. Customers can call Immunet’s Toll Free support line at 1-866-891-4480. Support is also available via e-mail, Immunet’s user community, and the Immunet support site.

Immunet Protect Free supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Where to Download

Immunet Protect Free 2.0 is available as a free download from the Immunet website, Users can upgrade to Immunet Protect Plus for advanced, offline protection at anytime, while Immunet Protect Free will always remain free.

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About Immunet

Immunet was founded in 2008 by antivirus industry veterans from leading US-based antivirus companies to develop cutting-edge security technology to combat the unique complexities of the Web 2.0 threat environment. Immunet provides Collective Immunity™ for the Internet by using the latest advances in computing and inter-networking, including cloud computing, collective intelligence, data mining and machine learning technologies. Immunet Protect is the first free, cloud-based antivirus application focused on protecting your community. Immunet Protect harnesses the growing power of social networks with community sharing features and Immunet's Collective Immunity™ technology to defend entire communities of users in real time against thousands of new threats generated every day.

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