Cloudmark Helps Stem Spam

Latest Cloudmark release lets ISPs deliver unprecedented accuracy, virtually eliminating spam

SAN FRANCISCO -- The latest release of Cloudmark Authority™, the

leading messaging anti-abuse solution for ISPs worldwide, improves on Cloudmark’s current

accuracy advantage to further reduce the volume of spam, phishing, and viruses impacting

subscribers. Cloudmark Authority 2.0 introduces Active ScanTM to all but eliminate messaging

abuse from the user experience. Cloudmark has also enhanced usage reporting and message

classification to enable new, differentiated services.

As the sheer volume of abusive messages continues to rise, now exceeding 90% of 100 billion

messages sent daily, minimizing email-borne threats has become a critical factor in maintaining

subscriber satisfaction and keeping operational costs under control. Cloudmark Authority 2.0

introduces powerful innovations to address key operational, customer service, and marketing

challenges for service providers. Authority 2.0 continues to deliver the most efficient platform for

stopping all forms of messaging threats.

Cloudmark Inc.

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