CISO New Year's Resolutions for 2021

Six resolutions for forward-looking cyber-risk leaders.
Securing the Tech Supply Chain
Moving Beyond the VPN
Putting Security-by-Design Front and Center
Leveraging Self-Service Security for Better AppSec
Implementing DMARC
Doubling Down on Ransomware Risk Reduction

After such a difficult past year, it'll be only natural for many people to have a hefty list of aspirational resolutions for 2021. That includes CISOs, who in the past year have had to deal with the security realities of suddenly remote workforces, budget freezes, skyrocketing and increasingly effective phishing campaigns, crippling ransomware, and extremely dangerous threats to the technological supply chain.

Amid all of these concerns, they're still called to deal with all of the other risk management tasks in their bailiwick, from vulnerability management to application security. So, in order to increase their effectiveness, expect the best leaders to step up to the plate to improve their game through the following improvement measures in the coming year.

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