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China, United States Primary Source Of Malicious IPs

New infographic from AlienVault Open Threat Exchange details trends in malicious cyberactivity
San Mateo, CALIF. - August 2, 2012 – AlienVault, the only open and collaborative Unified Security Management platform delivering built-in controls and full visibility, released today an infographic, “The 2nd United Nations,” detailing the latest threat data generated by the AlienVault Open Threat Exchange™ (OTX). AlienVault’s OTX is the largest community-sourced information security threat intelligence feed and database, sourcing threat intelligence from 77 countries and analyzing more five million suspicious URLs since its launch earlier this year in February.

AlienVault’s infographic highlights some of the latest trends in malicious cyber activity as observed through OTX between February2012 and July 2012, including:

· The number of top IPs marked as malicious per country: According to OTX data, China and the United States rank one and two among the top five sources of malicious IP addresses.

· Top five types of malicious activities detected: Host scanning was the dominant malicious activity observed by OTX contributors.

· Top five types of malicious content detected: Executable files (.exe) and HTML content, along with .Zip, PDF and Flash files were the primary forms of malicious content detected.

For the complete analysis of malicious cyber activity by AlienVault’s OTX, view the full infographichere.

AlienVault’s OTX sources threat intelligence from a community of over 18,000 OSSIM and AlienVault users. Free to all users, AlienVault OTX aggregates, validates and publishes threat intelligence to any organization that contributes. Since its inception, AlienVault OTX has aggregated and analyzed nearly 30 millionentries from the community, processed more than 1,000,000 malicious files and received more than 20,000 suspicious files per day.

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