Cambia Enforces Security Policy

Cambia releases enhanced security policy enforcement software

ALPHARETTA, Ga. -- Cambia Security, a leading provider of security policy enforcement software, today announced enhanced capabilities and features for its flagship product, Cambia CM. The latest version, Cambia CM 3.5, offers a security policy assessment package, a Cisco IOS assessment module, and integration with the QualysGuard Scanner. Cambia CM’s new features dramatically simplify the process of safeguarding network asset integrity and preparing for IT security audits.

The security policy assessment package adds a new dimension to the Cambia CM product. It permits administrators to create detailed and prescriptive policies that specify precisely what is and what is not permitted in their network asset configurations. Security policies can be customized from more than 1,000 tests in the policy library or can be created automatically from the configuration of a “gold image.” The security policy assessment package also includes an always-on compliance view that displays the compliance status of assets on demand.

"With the addition of prescriptive policy templates, Cambia is moving its product in a very positive direction," said Andi Mann, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates. "Buyers are increasingly requiring greater visibility into and control over network asset configurations for security and compliance purposes."

Cambia Security Inc.

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