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Call Recorder iPhone App Flaw Uncovered

Researcher finds thousands of recorded calls easily accessible to others.

A popular iPhone app with more than 1 million downloads has a flaw that may have exposed thousands of users' recorded conversations.

The security vulnerability was discovered by researcher Anand Prakash, founder of PingSafe AI, and initially reported by TechCrunch. 

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The report claims Prakash found that the app, called "Call Recorder," allowed anyone to access the call recordings from other users simply by knowing their phone number. TechCrunch verified the findings using a spare phone with a dedicated account.

Prakash made the discovery "using a readily available proxy tool like Burp Suite," according to the report, and could view and modify the network traffic going in and out of the app.

"That meant he could replace his phone number registered with the app with the phone number of another app user and access their recordings on his phone," according to the report.

Read the full write up on the flaw here.