BullGuard Offers Free Spam Filter

BullGuard declares war on spam with free Spamfilter

COPENHAGEN -- Today BullGuard, specialist security solution provider, is pleased to announce its global attack on spam with the release of a free Spamfilter. The BullGuard free Spamfilter which includes 24/7 Live Support and integrates with all major email clients is available for download from BullGuard's website

"Research has shown that people consider spam to be the number 1 nuisance on the internet", says Theis Søndergaard, CTO and co-founder of BullGuard. "Over 80% of all emails sent today are spam. With our free Spamfilter we give people a tool to keep their inboxes clean. In turn we use their input to further improve the efficiency of the BullGuard Spamfilter.

BullGuard Ltd.