BSA Details Cybersecurity Priorities In Letter To Senate

Holleyman outlines six recommendations that would constitute a comprehensive upgrade of America’s cybersecurity capabilities

January 13, 2012

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Washington — January 12 — In a letter to the 100 members of the US Senate, the Business Software Alliance today recommended six key focus areas for legislation to comprehensively upgrade America’s cybersecurity capabilities. “The growing volume and sophistication of cybersecurity threats facing America today demand an effective policy response,” wrote BSA President and CEO Robert Holleyman. “While there are philosophical differences of opinion about what should be included, there is clear bipartisan agreement that cybersecurity legislation deserves consideration in this Congress.” “BSA strongly supports legislation that will bolster the country’s cybersecurity capabilities by promoting market-driven technology innovation, nimble and adaptive monitoring, and well-oiled coordination between the public and private sectors,” Holleyman wrote. “This will require reforming laws that are mismatched to the challenge of a rapidly evolving threat landscape while avoiding overregulation, which could become both burdensome and ineffective.” “We believe that Congress should focus on six key legislative priorities, which together would constitute a comprehensive upgrade of America’s cybersecurity capabilities,” Holleyman wrote:

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