Bharosa Verifies Biz Process Integrity

Bharosa announces software for business process integrity verification

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Bharosa, a leading global provider of online security software, today announced a new product which enables enterprises to confirm the integrity of their internal business processes by tracking user activity within enterprise applications and verifying it against established business process templates and best practices to detect insider fraud and further compliance initiatives.

The new product is named Bharosa® Auditable™ for its capability to detect and instantly alert the business to anomalous online user activity. A real-time engine compares user transactions against process templates and best practices. The engine then recognizes inconsistencies and generates real-time internal flags and/or alerts which can allow the business to review and take corrective action.

Bharosa Auditable uses the same industry-leading Bharosa enterprise technology adopted by more than 20 million users worldwide and used to detect and defeat online fraud. "Bharosa's strong transaction analysis capabilities, used to combat the most advanced fraud threats, including phishing, spyware, and malicious bots, can now also be used within the enterprise to validate insider threat," said Thomas Varghese, president and CTO for Bharosa. "Our software can also be used to ensure enterprise conformity with business process best practices and to aid enterprises in establishing new enterprise performance standards, such as Six Sigma."

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