Free audit will provide businesses with tailored reports on their security needs

February 17, 2011

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AMSTERDAM & SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AVG, the global internet security firm, has launched its latest weapon in the fight against corporate cybercrime, the AVG Online Security Audit. The free audit will provide businesses with tailored reports on their security needs, helping them to understand and protect against the dangers of cybercrime.

Small to medium-sized businesses are increasingly becoming targets for cybercriminals. According to recent research from AVG’s Market Landscape Report 2010, 25 percent of SMBs have been subject to a security breach, and more than 14 percent of SMBs do not have security software installed, leaving their business open to potential attacks.

AVG’s Online Security Audit is the latest development in a series of resources, which have been designed to help businesses. Earlier this year the company announced the launch of their Business Resource Centre, a free online resource for businesses, including guides, tips and software downloads, aimed at helping them combat the dangers of internet crime.

Businesses can access AVG’s Online Security Audit to get their tailored security plan at

Robert Gorby, AVG’s Global Head of Small Business Propositions, says, “Our Online Security Audit is a major step forward in our battle against corporate cybercrime. In line with our bid to help small businesses, we’ve also highlighted five doorways through which cybercriminals can access company data. These doors need to be slammed shut, to prevent businesses from becoming the latest victims of cybercrime.”

Door #1 – Social Networks & Community Bad Spirits

Problem: TRUST – people trust people that they know. Users are far more likely to click an infected link if it comes from a trusted colleague or friend. Forty percent of companies allow access to social networking technology, but only 23 percent say that they have appropriate security policies in place.

Solution: AVG's 'scan before you click' LinkScanner is the best route to avoid this scenario.

Door #2 – Instant Messaging & Spam Chat

Problem: Viruses and other malware can be hidden in files sent via Instant Messaging and because some IM services link your screen name to your e-mail address when you register, this can result in an increased number of spam and phishing attacks.

Solution: Don’t use an email address that can be identified by your IM username.

Door #3 – Insider Threats: Right Under Your Nose

Problem: Although businesses might be more concerned about shadowy cyber-criminals, employees are responsible for introducing the majority of malware onto company networks.

Solution: Background checks on potential future employees – especially technical staff – are essential, and high-risk businesses should consider using advanced tools to conduct criminal history and social security searches to ensure their employees are totally trustworthy.

Door #4 – Don't Lose Remote Control

Problem: Allowing staff to use their own machines for work increases the risk that malware may get onto the company network.

Solution: Companies could use virtualization technology to create a virtual safe-zone within your hardware – like an embassy in a foreign country – but it might be simpler and more effective to establish a strong set of security, anti-virus controls and audit procedures.

Door #5 – USB Sticks & The Shameless Plug

Problem: Plug in memory USB sticks are particularly good at spreading malware. They appear innocuous compared to a laptop or smartphone but can hold several gigabytes of code – some of which may be malicious.

Solution: Removable devices can be automatically checked using AVG software or users can choose to run a manual scan before accessing any of the files on the stick.

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