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AVG Launches Internet Security 2012

AVG Internet Security 2012 comes with the new AVG Accelerator and AVG Advice features
AMSTERDAM – Sept. 1, 2011 – AVG Technologies, a leading provider of Internet and mobile security, today announced the availability of AVG Internet Security 2012, a nimble, high-performance internet security suite that answers consumers’ call for simplicity, dependability and freedom of choice. Based on its connection-acceleration technology, light footprint and scanning speeds, AVG is at the forefront of security innovation and provides first-class protection without hampering today’s connected consumer.

In addition to AVG’s multi-layered protection, utilizing signature-based antivirus, heuristics and behavior-based threats detection, AVG 2012 comes with the all-new AVG Accelerator and AVG Advice features as well as additional protection technologies.

AVG Accelerator optimizes file and video downloads on selected sites to minimize waiting time. Responding to our users’ request for fast and smooth content downloads while online, AVG Accelerator enhances the user experience and provides peace of mind.

AVG Advice constantly monitors the computer and proactively advises the user with available remedies and optimization possibilities for various computer problems they may have.

Key footprint achievements of AVG 2012 compared to previous AVG Internet Security 2011:

50% smaller download size and faster install time

45% reduction in disk space on average

20% less processes and memory usage

10% faster load time

Rounding out the offering, 2012 also utilizes the AVG protective cloud technology and the AVG community protection network. The software is fully compatible with AVG’s other security and online lifestyle products and is available for download at

“Simplicity, freedom of choice and dependability equal peace of mind,” said JR Smith, CEO of AVG Technologies. “AVG is more than just an antivirus company. We’re a secure, community-driven digital ecosystem dedicated to helping consumers protect themselves and the things they care about the most. Computers and devices have become an extension of every individual at work and at play. In today’s world, we’re not just securing machines. We’re securing people’s digital life, or as we like to say: Providing Peace of Mind to the Connected World.”


AVG’s customers made it clear there is nothing more irritating than software that slows them down or gets in their way. With AVG 2012, we are not just providing a product with a light footprint but we are also accelerating your computer experience and advising on problems we detect.

Freedom of Choice

AVG works closely with its community of 98 million active users to help anticipate their needs, understand the complexity of their digital landscape and then simplify their internet experience and security solution. The company’s state-of-the art, core product is flanked by a suite of tools that enable consumers to tailor a security solution specific to ever-changing needs.


AVG 2012 reflects 20 years of trusted, unbending and unrelenting security experience. As the world of technology continues to change, AVG stands at the forefront of security innovation. The company’s mission is to serve as its customers’ most trusted ally and advisor, enabling them to achieve their digital potential securely, safely and with zero hassle.


The AVG 2012 product range is available in 24 languages, in 170 countries, and consists of:

AVG Internet Security 2012:

US $54.99

AVG Anti-Virus Free 2012:

Free download

AVG Anti-Virus 2012:

US $39.99

AVG Premium Security 2012:

US $69.99

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