AVG And CyberTaxDay.com Work To Protect Last-Minute Tax Filers

Companies create Website where consumers can get tax filing information and download free security software

April 8, 2010

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AMSTERDAM and NEW YORK -- April 7, 2010—Only eight days left until the tax filing deadline in the USA! And this year, more than ever, taxpayers will go online to file their returns. According to IRS.gov statistics, 82 percent of the taxpayers who already filed their returns this year have done so online "because it is easier and because tax refunds are processed faster for those who e-file.

But along with the growth in the number of people filing electronically there has been an increase in cybercrimes. While filing taxes electronically is safer than filing on paper, consumers need to make sure their computers are not infected with spyware and keyloggers, and they need to be aware of scams involving fake IRS refunds and other ploys to get people to disclose their financial information to the wrong people.

To help consumers stay safe, AVG Technologies has partnered with CyberTaxDay.com to create a website where consumers can get tax filing information and download free security software from AVG to scan their computers before they file.

Visitors to the CyberTaxDay.com can see information about how to make their computers secure, including cyber security tips for everyday computer use and special messages from the IRS regarding phishing, computer viruses and spam. AVG Technologies is providing free downloads of its anti-virus software along with product recommendations that will help consumers keep their financial and tax data secure: http://www.cybertaxday.com/avg-antivirus/.

Matthew Cheng, founder of CyberTaxDay.com, believes that keeping your financial records secure is critical, "If you're going to file your taxes online, it's important to have the latest anti-virus software like AVG. Remember that the IRS will not communicate with you via email regarding your return or refund. So you should delete any suspicious emails immediately."

"Using e-file is the safest, easiest and fastest way for taxpayers to get their tax returns to the IRS by the April 15 deadline," said Dianne Besunder, IRS spokeswoman for New York. "If you're due a refund, you can get your payment in as few as ten days if you e-file and use direct deposit. If you owe, you can use e-file to file now and set an electronic payment date for April 15 or earlier. Can't make the April 15 deadline? You need to file an extension, which everyone can do through a participating Free File program such as at http://www.cybertaxday.com/free-file/."

Together, the efforts of AVG Technologies and CyberTaxDay.com are mobilizing the public to file their taxes online and always do it securely. Links

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About CyberTaxDay.com

The www.CyberTaxDay.com website was set up to help consumers find free resources and information to help them get ready for tax season. The First Annual Cyber Tax Day is April 15th, 2010. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), this year most taxpayers and tax preparers will use IRS e-file to file their federal tax returns. As a result, Tax Day, or the deadline to file tax returns, has now become Cyber Tax Day, the busiest filing day of the year.

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