Admin Accused of Stealing 2.3M Names

Fidelity National Information Services says a subsidiary's employee stole records containing personal info

2:59 PM -- Don't think it can happen to your company? This just in from the Associated Press:

    Fidelity National Information Services, a financial processing company, said today a subsidiary's employee stole 2.3 million consumer records containing credit card, bank account and other personal information.

    The employee sold the information to a data broker who sold it to several direct marketing companies, but the data was not used in identity theft or other fraudulent financial activity, Fidelity said in a statement.

    About 2.2 million records stolen from Certegy Check Services Inc. contained bank account information and 99,000 contained credit card information, Fidelity said.

    The employee, whose name was not released, was fired.

This latest data breach proves the new adage: Data is money. There's a market for personal information, and employees at any company could be selling. (See Stolen Data's Black Market and Insider Tries to Steal $400 Million at DuPont.)

If you haven't established a program for detecting and tracking insider threats, start. Your company could be next on the list.

— Tim Wilson, Site Editor, Dark Reading