Abaca Releases Version Of Antispam Solution For Service Providers

Abaca CLX Anti-spam Solution is designed to achieve a minimum 99.9 percent spam catch rate with less than one false positive in 10,000 emails

April 25, 2009

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SAN FRANCISCO --(Business Wire)-- Apr 20, 2009 Abaca Technology Corporation, an innovator in email protection and messaging security, today announced that its revolutionary anti-spam solution is now available for service provider customers with the release of the Abaca CLX Anti-spam Solution. Based on a sophisticated, patented technology, Abaca's CLX Anti-spam Solution is designed to achieve a minimum 99.9 percent spam catch rate with less than one false positive in 10,000 emails—the highest accuracy rate in the industry. Abaca's solution is so accurate the company guarantees 99 percent results for all its customers, including the world's largest email service providers. If you're attending RSA at Moscone Center in San Francisco, Calif., April 20 " 24; Visit Abaca's Booth #2644.

The Abaca CLX Anti-spam Solution is flexible enough to fit into any service provider's infrastructure and supports a variety of system architectures. The Abaca CLX Anti-spam Solution, unlike competitive offerings, requires very little maintenance, enables end users to efficiently manage their mailbox and helps reduce customer support calls due to missing or misclassified messages. Fully redundant deployment is easily accomplished to ensure reliable and consistent service delivery.

"Service providers are under constant attack by spammers, and the volume of spam continues to grow," said Bill Kasje, Vice President Business Development of Abaca Technology Corporation. "The unmatched accuracy and scalability of the Abaca CLX Anti-spam Solution requires fewer servers to support hundreds of millions of users reducing the power footprint, saving rack space, and minimizing system administration costs. In addition to saving invaluable resources Abaca's solution also increases customer satisfaction helping to improve loyalty and retention for email service providers."

The proprietary and patent-pending technology behind the Abaca CLX Anti-spam Solution, ReceiverNet, uses receiver reputations to filter spam. Using the receiver's reputation to determine the likelihood that incoming messages are legitimate or not, ReceiverNet enables the Abaca CLX Anti-spam Solution to effectively block a minimum of 99.9 percent of spam, along with viruses and phishing attacks. The system learns and updates itself by the real-time tracking of the ratio of spam versus legitimate email for each Abaca protected email user, making spam detection even more accurate as email users join the Abaca ReceiverNet Network.

Abaca CLX Anti-spam Solution

The Abaca CLX Anti-spam Solution includes Abaca's ReceiverNet Service, a sophisticated email filter, with multiple integration possibilities. The solution is installed in the service providers email stream providing advanced protection against spam, viruses and phishing attacks. Additional features include:

  • Simple rating API for quick integration into any service provider environment

    • Rate and pass-thru mode allows service providers to use the Abaca CLX Anti-spam Solution rating as input to augment an existing solution

    • Comprehensive logging and diagnostic information is available to assist in customer support

    • Integration with Abaca CLX components that provide additional products and features

    • Simple user feedback API allowing continued use of existing feedback mechanisms or the delivery of a new feedback feature to end users

    • Support for distributed and/or highly available environments depending upon the service provider requirements

    • User personalization automatically customizing the ratings for each end user

      The Abaca CLX Anti-spam Solution is scalable from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions of users.

      Availability and Pricing

      The Abaca CLX Anti-spam Solution is available now directly from Abaca. Abaca offers all customers a no risk trial and works with customers to address unique requirements. Pricing for the Abaca CLX Anti-spam Solution is based on the engagement.

      About Abaca Technology Corporation

      Abaca Technology Corporation is an innovator in email protection and messaging security. Abaca's patent-pending technology, ReceiverNet, offers an advanced approach in the fight against spam—providing unprecedented levels of accuracy and guaranteeing 99 percent spam filtration. Abaca has created a portfolio of innovative products and services based upon this core technology, thereby assuring users unparalleled messaging protection from spam, as well as viruses and phishing attacks. Abaca is a privately held company headquartered in San Jose, California. For more information about Abaca, please visit www.abaca.com.

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