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3.6M MySQL Servers Found Exposed Online

Researchers from Shadowserver recommend removing the servers from the Internet to shrink external attack surface.

Shadowserver researchers scanning the Internet for exposed MySQL servers said they received more than 2.3 million IPv4- and 1.3 million IPv6 addresses in response to their connection requests on port 3306/TCP, indicating the connected servers were wide open to attack. 

Of the more than 3.6 million exposed MySQL servers, most were located in the US, with more than 740,000; followed by China, with more than 296,000; and Poland, with more than 207,000 accessible devices. 

"It is unlikely that you need to have your MySQL server allowing for external connections from the Internet (and thus a possible external attack surface)," Shadowserver said in a post about the MySQL findings. "If you do receive a report on your network/constituency, take action to filter out traffic to your MySQL instance and make sure to implement authentication on the server."