10 Cybersecurity Twitter Profiles To Watch

If you’re responsible for an information security program, check out these influencers to follow.
Eugene Kaspersky | @e_kaspersky | 147,098 followers
Brian Krebs | @briankrebs | 132,350 followers
Mikko Hypponen | @mikko | 123,301 followers
SecuriTay | @SwiftOnSecurity | 121,706 followers
Bruce Schneier | @schneierblog | 81,870 followers
Graham Cluley | @gcluley | 44,974 followers
Jack Daniel | @jack_daniel | 34,439 followers
Joshua Corman | @joshcorman | 24,997 followers
Katie Moussouris | @k8em0 | 22,970 followers
Brian Honan | @BrianHonan | 16,957 followers

As is the case with security challenges and technologies, the Twittersphere is full of cybersecurity experts sharing their thoughts, research and news on a wide range of topics: vulnerabilities, viruses, malware, application security, DevOps, data breaches, privacy, bug bounties, responsible disclosure, threat intelligence, privacy and more.

This Top 10 of Cybersecurity Twitter profiles was selected based on their inclusion in many, many lists over the past few years. The more lists they were on, the higher up the stack they were placed. Once on the list, they were ranked by number of Twitter followers.

In this round-up, we find the following:

  • 9 people, 1 "personality"
  • 8 men, 1 woman, 1 unspecified
  • 7 reference their personal blogs, 3 reference company blogs

Most, if not all of the “people” on this list are regular public speakers as well - so chances are, you've seen them somewhere, even if in an online video.

Collectively, they have tweeted more than 282,572 times and reach three quarters of a million followers. We've captured their most popular tweets in this collection.

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