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WannaCry Hero & Kronos Malware Author Named Cybrary Fellow

Marcus Hutchins, who set up a "kill switch" that stopped WannaCry's spread, later pled guilty to creating the infamous Kronos banking malware.

It's a new chapter for Marcus Hutchins, the security researcher who was hailed a hero in May 2017 after inadvertently stopping the spread of the infamous WannaCry worm with a sinkhole he created.

Hutchins, who was arrested for creating and selling the Kronos banking Trojan a few months after his kill switch quelled WannaCry, has been named the first-ever fellow for the cybersecurity online training platform Cybrary, which serves some 3 million students. In his new role, Hutchins will head up training events and mentoring programs, advise on training content, and help build new virtual labs and other hands-on educational tools.

"When I started out in cybersecurity, high-quality training resources were few and far between. My peers and I often found ourselves making do with a mismatch of random blog posts and forum discussions. Since then, I've always strived to create the resources I wish I had access to back then," Hutchins said in a statement. "I'm a strong believer in expanding access to these foundational training resources and increasing the accessibility of the domain-specific material that is required to help people find their place in our industry."