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Trump Tweets Doubts On Intel Report Of Russian Involvement

President-elect backs his belief on WikiLeaks founder’s statement, will meet heads of intel agencies tomorrow to discuss report.

In a series of recent tweets, US President-elect Donald Trump expressed doubts over US intelligence agencies’ allegation that Russia was involved in last year’s cyberattacks on political entities and individuals in order to sway election results, Reuters reports. Trump backed his belief on proclamation from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange that leaked documents were not provided by Russia and that US media coverage had been “very dishonest.”

Trump’s tweets invited comments from White House spokesperson Josh Earnest who said "There's a pretty stark line that's been drawn, and the President-elect will have to determine who he's going to believe."

Vice President-elect Mike Pence came to his leader’s defense saying: "Given some of the intelligence failures of recent years, the President-elect has made it clear to the American people that he's skeptical about conclusions from the bureaucracy."

While the Obama administration has launched a probe into the hacks, several Democrats and Republicans have called for independent investigation of the matter.

Meanwhile, Trump’s spokesperson has said the President-elect will be meeting heads of the CIA, FBI and DNI tomorrow to discuss their findings, adds Reuters.

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