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Russia Readies Winter Cyberattacks As Troops Retreat From Ukraine

Microsoft warns that the Kremlin is ramping up cyberattacks against infrastructure and supply chains and starting disinformation campaigns as Russian troops lose on the battlefield.

With a beleaguered and retreating Russian military, analysts warn that winter's chill will be accompanied by a new barrage of cyberattacks against Ukraine's infrastructure, supply chains, partners, and political support across Europe and beyond.

Microsoft's Digital Threat Analysis Center predicts a significant increase in Russian cyberattacks over the coming months, as well as an expansion of existing campaigns like Prestige ransomware and wiper attacks on energy, water, and other vital infrastructure.

The Kremlin is also likely to push disinformation across social media across Europe with the intent of weakening public resolve to withstand skyrocketing energy costs and provide support for Ukraine's military.

It's time for organizations and security teams to prepare defenses against what Microsoft described as "multidimensional threats" from Russia.

"Ukraine has fought a brave defense both online and on-the-ground against a merciless Russian assault," the Microsoft report on Russian cyberattacks said. "With the help of its partner nations, companies and democratic citizens, we all can ensure that Ukraine and Europe's infrastructure is protected and democracy resilient in the face of authoritarianism this winter."