Nominum Introduces DNS-based SaaS Solution

Sold through ISPs and Telecom Operators, Nominum N2 Secure Business Delivers Benefits of the Cloud in a Network-based Solution, Protecting Businesses and Guest Wi-Fi Networks from Ransomware, Phishing and Other Cyberthreats.

May 31, 2017

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REDWOOD CITY, CA — Nominum, the DNS security and services innovation leader, announced today the availability of N2™ Secure Business, a new cloud-based DNS security solution offered as a network-based service by internet service providers (ISPs) to protect their enterprise and small and mid-sized business (SMB) customers against the damage caused by cyberthreats like ransomware, phishing attacks and other malware. The carrier-class solution also secures retail locations, stadiums, transit centers and other venues where public Wi-Fi networks enable guests and their devices to stay connected.

Unlike cloud-based network security solutions where visibility into and control of the network are outsourced to a third-party provider, N2 Secure Business is network-based and keeps visibility into network activities and management and enforcement of network policies with the ISP and their business customers. The security-as-a-service offering gives ISPs a revenue-generating opportunity to serve not only their enterprise customers but also the largely untapped SMB market’s critical need for cyber protections that are largely out of reach due to cost constraints and lack of security expertise.  Additionally, with the large number of people and mobile devices coming onto public Wi-Fi networks from various locations, N2 Secure Business ensures that those networks and any devices connected to them are not compromised.

 "Studies show that many small businesses are victims of cybercrime, particularly because they have limited resources and budgets to address threats effectively,” said Arlen Frew, GM of Security and Applications for Nominum. “Research also demonstrates that more than 90% of malware leverages DNS to succeed. With the right tools and data-driven insights, service providers can utilize DNS security to automatically block communication between compromised devices and the command and control servers that carry out attacks, rendering these threats ineffective. By doing so, they can preserve the integrity of their network and keep their business customers sufficiently protected while delivering a value-added service that drives growth to the bottom line."

As a value-added extension to Nominum Vantio™ CacheServe, the gold standard in DNS resolution, N2 Secure Business is reinforced by Nominum’s Cybersecurity Research team, which combines data science expertise with machine learning and proprietary algorithms to analyze 100 billion DNS queries daily and avert cyberthreats. This unique approach results in a carrier-class security solution that safeguards businesses and all employees, guests and connected devices from malicious attacks and inappropriate content.

"CIRA has partnered with Nominum to offer a cloud-based DNS firewall solution for our Canadian customers. The strength and sophistication of the N2 Secure Business solution is a key part of our competitive advantage. We are garnering interest from a wide range of customers from school boards, major enterprises, and ISPs, to governments, financial institutions and healthcare providers,” said Dave Chiswell, vice president of product development for CIRA. “With the risk of cyberattacks increasing and the cost of ransomware on the rise, there is an urgent need to add a powerful DNS firewall as another layer of protection for businesses throughout Canada and deliver the safe, secure, and stable internet services that enable organizations to flourish."

ISPs and DNS: Playing an Important Role with Business Security

Studies show that more than half of all businesses have been attacked by ransomware in the past year alone [1], and small and mid-sized businesses are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks. A report from Kaspersky Labs states that the average amount of damage caused by such attacks can cost a small or mid-sized business almost $100,000.[2]

The limited ability for SMBs to adequately address cybersecurity, combined with the effectiveness of a network-based DNS security solution like N2 Secure Business, puts service providers in a unique position to deliver a monetizable service to their business customers that establishes trust, builds brand loyalty and generates revenue growth. For many SMBs the first IT relationship they have is with their ISP, which gives ISPs an ideal opportunity to deliver an easy-to-use, effective security solution to this underserved segment of the market.

Nominum N2 Secure Business provides enforcement of content policy and state-of-the-art threat protection, and gives ISPs and their business customers comprehensive visibility, control and protection of all internet-connected devices. The Nominum solution includes an integrated proxy that enables more advanced security and content filtering capabilities, and allows SMBs and public Wi-Fi venues to deliver branded messages to employees and guests. Businesses can create, modify and grant different levels of access for visitors and employees based on their roles and responsibilities.



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