New Podcast Launches Focused on Security Start-up Entrepreneurs

New Podcast Launches Focused on Security Start-up Entrepreneurs

January 19, 2021

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Secure Ventures is the latest podcast that aims to address the widespread interest in the constantly growing cyber security space. The host, Kyle McNulty, follows cutting edge founders in the cyber security space to understand their plights, glories, and revolutionary products.

The podcast interviews founders at start-ups in the space across a variety of domains. The first three episodes released at launch include several big names in security entrepreneurship:

Ari Jacoby, CEO and Founder at Deduce, is revolutionizing account takeover by democratizing the detection and remediation process for small companies, rather than leaving next-generation capabilities to just the major tech companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook. Ari's interview follows his journey from a planned career in politics to his third year at Deduce, after four previously successful exits.

Karim Hijazi, CEO and Founder at Prevailion, is addressing the growing risk of your supply chain by taking a fresh look at your partners using Evidence of Compromise (EOC) rather than Indicators of Compromise (IOCs). More timely than ever after the SolarWinds incident, Karim touches on his early start in consulting, his public battle with Lulzsec in 2011, and how Prevailion is modernizing the approach to supplier security.

Balaji Gopalan, CEO and Founder at Medstack, is simplifying security and compliance for healthcare organizations through an assisted deployment platform. The interview follows Balaji's transition from serial tech product designer and strategist into an enthusiastic mentor and trusted healthcare security adviser.

The podcast has many more episodes on the way to be published every other week. Follow along to learn about these fascinating journeys into success in the security space.

To listen, use your favorite podcast app! Links to some of the major providers are available below:

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