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Microsoft, Lookout Team Up In Mobile Security

Microsoft’s EMS integration with Lookout aim to strengthen customer access policies.

Microsoft has partnered with mobile security company Lookout. The integration of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) with Lookout is aimed at combining efforts to thwart mobile threats and protect data across users, devices, and applications. Businesses will be able to include threat intelligence from Lookout into the conditional access policies set up in EMS.

“Lookout shares our belief that mobility should empower employees, not restrict them,” said Brad Anderson of Microsoft’s Enterprise Client & Mobility Group, adding “Companies should limit their exposure to potential security breaches.”

Lookout CEO Jim Dolce said: “The business agility provided by mobile computing will continue to drive adoption despite the security risks involved.”

Microsoft also has made a financial investment in Lookout.

To learn more on the partnership, read Lookout’s blog post.