Meet The 2016 PWNIE Award Winners

Contest celebrating the best and worst in information security celebrates its 10th year.
1. Best Server-Side Bug
2. Best Client-Side Bug
3. Best Privilege Escalation Bug
4. Best Cryptographic Attack (new for 2016)
5. Best Back Door (new for 2016)
6. Best Junk or Stunt Hack (new for 2016)
7. Best Branding
8. Epic Achievement
9. Most Innovative Research
10. Lamest Vendor Response
11. Most Over-Hyped Bug
12. Best Song
13. Most Epic Fail
14. Lifetime Achievement Award: Mudge
15. Epic Ownage

The PWNIE Awards turned 10 years old this year and perhaps the most surprising thing was that nobody won for Epic Fail for 2016. Could it be that it was just too hard to top the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) hack of last year? 

Hard to say, but the award winners this year range from the best in security research out of the IEEE to the whimsy of the Best Song category.

Here's a look at this year’s winners as well as links to their research.

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